Monday, August 1, 2011

hey mom and dad
wow another week gone by! it has been pretty crazy here but i think this week things will calm down a little bit. i had a training about finances this week with a guy from são paulo. it was really good but gave me so much more work! so now i am running like crazy trying to get things all worked out. but today we had something to relax. the second counsolor of the bishopric called us and told us to come running to his house. remember the place i sent you pictures of us fishing. well they got the alligator right in that little stream haha. it was so cool! we got tons of pictures with the alligator, and i got to eat alligator. it is really good! i will send pictures but i dont think you should put them up on the blog haha. it was a lot of fun! those guys there are so crazy! when they were getting him there was a bunch of guys in the water gettin him with the net, and he swam away and dissapeared under the water and came up right between this one guys legs haha. he jumped and got the alligator with his machete hahaha. and no mom, you dont have to worry, i was no where near the water haha. it was crazy though. after that the whole neiborhood was down there grilling him up to eat him. it was a lot of fun and nice to get our minds off of office work. then on our way back we even saw monkeys crossing the road. my companion looked at me and said, "yup, now my mission is complete, alligators and monkeys all in the same day." it was a lot of fun! now we are gonna go help some elders move into a new house then do some work in the office. maybe one of these days it will slow down around here but for right now its still pretty crazy! the time goes by so fast though when its busy its hard to believe that a week has already gone by. and it in August! sounds like you guys had a good time in vegas. sorry i didn't get it all set up with my friend. i wasn't able to talk with him before he headed out. that's sad to hear about enid. the Lord must know how strong of person she is to give her all these trails, but she is passing them for a reason and for sure the Lord has a special plan for her. just let her know i love her and am praying for her. well i better run, mom and dad, i have to go help these guys move. i love you guys!

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