Wednesday, July 27, 2011

hey mom and dad
wow another week gone by! it has been way crazy around here with transfers and areas opening we have been running around like crazy!!!! it all just seems like one big day. but transfers are done Wednesday so after that it will calm back down. i will be staying here this transfer and not training yet so i will have the one after this to train the get back in the field for another transfer. it will be good though i will be able to get everything planned and set up for when you guys get here. i got to meet elder wardles family today they came to pick him up too. they really like it here. you guys will like it a lot too but we still got a little while before you guys come haha. that's cool that all those guys are headed out on their missions. it makes me feel old haha. i cant believe chauncey and trent are about ready to come home too! so it sounds like pioneer day was fun. you think its hot there mom just wait till you come to manaus haha. it has been getting really hot the last few days here. we are lucky cuz the new house we live in has airconditioning in the bed room. its funny you do all you have to do at night then go take a shower and try to get in to the bedroom as quick as you can so you don't get soaked with sweat haha. things in the ward here are going really good. we just traded bishops. the new bishop is the man who took us out to buy something to wear after the fire haha we told him you see the blessings when you help the elders haha. but things are going good. the man we baptized last month Erivelton is doing really well! he just got his first calling in the ward and is preparing for the Melchizedek priesthood. he was way excited about his calling and this sunday was going around getting every ones names and addresses . i don't know how you call his calling in english haha i think it is the sunday schools first counselor. he is way excited though and that is always good to see. we are trying to get out in the streets more to find more people but between my stuff and elder damascenos stuff it gets really hard sometimes. but we get out still and it is really good. it takes a lot of stress off of us. we are trying to get tooned in with president but it is hard cuz he is still pretty lost but we are working with him and helping him. he is changing lots of stuff but i think it will be good for the mission. but i better run we have to take all the guys going home to the airport and they are still at presidents house haha. tonight is gonna be a long one. flights every two hours until six in the morning haha i love you guys and will talk to you next week.

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