Wednesday, January 26, 2011

thats what im talkin about, the packers in the superbowl!!!!!!!!!! see i just had to leave the country then they start playing better haha. i bet bret favre wishes i would have left alot earlier haha. that's way cool though. that's cool that dantly broke the niaa record too. does he have any ofers to any schools? that's way cool though. ok, so yes, i got everything in the package and am liking everything haha. my white shirt is a little big, but it still fits, and i wore it on sunday and everyone could tell the difference haha. i am glad i got a new memory card too. the only bad thing was that i bought a pen drive like the week before cuz my camera was full. but its alright cuz it was cheap and now i just have that many more pictures i can take haha. i'm going to pick up my scripture case after i get done here. i am way excited. i will take a picture with the hippy so you can see how cool he is. you should see the jaguar tooth my companion is getting. it is so huge, like, i'm sure it was used to eat five or six people haha. but it will be cool to go to center today. it's always nice to take a break from missionary work and just be normal for a while. so you guys have got me all planed out do ya? haha. maybe later down the road but, i have to finish school first so that means back to reno for awhile. and probably not the whole dozen kids either haha. i think two or three is plenty hahaha. im getting way too old!!!!! it scares me a little bit sometimes haha. but we will see how it is here in ten months. so grandma wrecked her car? thats no good. but it's just a good thing that she is alright. we have had a pretty rough time lately. so, the important part is that she is alright. as for us here, we are doing pretty good. we are getting a family married and baptised that the missionaries have been working with for four years. we are way excited for them!!!! they are going to all the activities and going back to church now. we have been going over there alot and play around with them then teach them. it is awesome. the other night they were pretty amazed by my magic tricks haha. i taught them one of them, and they thought that was pretty cool. it is way good to see them finally feel that this is what they need in their life. we are gonna help them get there this time. they turned the papers in yesterday for marriage and now its just waiting twenty days. so get some prayers going out for them there in the states. you know what they say the ones who take the longest are the strongest. but other than that, we are just working our butts off here. we have some down days but we get through them, i mean, you don't really have a choice. you either get through it or just roll over and die. i think that is something i am learning here, to play the best game with the cards i am delt and to not give up. cuz it gets frustrating walking around in this sun all day to get told no by hundreds of people. but then it's all worth it when you find that one person or one family. so i am learning a little bit on the mission and its the best stuff i have learned for me in my whole life and probably the rest of it haha. but i am liking it and can't hardly beleive i have only got ten months left. it's crazy!!!! but i got to run. we are gonna go get our hippy stuff. love you mom and dad talk to you next week.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

hey mom and dad.
wow another week has gone by! it was a pretty crazy one though haha. so, friday night everyone shows up for the wedding and was waiting very impatiently cuz the groom wasn't here yet so, what do they do? well, lets jump on the missionaries back cuz surely they aren't freaking out too. have you called them? yes, phone is off..did you tell him to get here early? yes, told him to get here an hour early.. have you gone to his house yet? yes, twice.. well did he say he was gonna be here? YES!!!!!! when was the last time you saw him? this morning when i walked half way across the city of porto velho getting everything squared away. ....what was the last thing you ate? rice and beans like always in this town..... have you ever kissed a girl? yes, wait, that has nothing to do with him not being here!!!!!!! haha i was about to strangle members, mom and dad! i just started asking them the exact same questions back to them cuz i was sick of it. haha. but he did finally show up. he was late cuz his cousins plane got delayed and he was waiting at the airport to pick him up. but they did get married, and it was way nice. they looked so happy. then they were baptized on saturday, so things turned ot really good. it is a huge relief for us and them. they were at the ward activity this week and are making tons of friends here. it is so good to see. the members are really good about taking them in too. we have another baptism this friday too. a little niece of a member moved in with them and came up to us last week and asked when she could be baptised. haha we have been teaching her everyday since then, and the family decided it's best this week for everyone. and she has already been going to church for the last few months, and her mom wants her to be baptised too so we will baptize her this week. the works been good here. we are working really hard, but it is all paying off. i have walked holes in both of my shoes now. haha. but i think i am gonna be able to get another month out of them, then i think am gonna either try to find some all black nikes or get a pair of these boots that everyone gets here. i'm thinkin the nikes might be a little better to walk in and not wear out quite so fast. so i will be styling in nikes. they are fake here, that they sell in the streets, but they are cheap and last along time. o, my packages finally got here!!!!!! the zone leaders went to manaus yesterday and brought them back with them today, so that's cool. i am going to get them after i get done with internet. I'm pretty excited for christmas haha. o, guess what me and elder hobbs made and ate today? biscuits and gravy!!!!!! it was so good! his mom sent him some packs of stuff to make it. i was in heaven. i am getting a little tired of rice and beans haha. i was talking to bishop the other day when we were eating at his house, and he s going to byu in provo in 2013. and he was asking what we eat there cuz he heard we hardly don't eat rice and beans. i looked at him and said, "to be honest with you, i forgot everything we eat there cuz i have been eating so many rice and beans here haha. so if you could give me a little list that would help haha. but i got to run mom and dad i love you guys

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

hey mom and dad
so sounds like your new years was about as exciting as mine haha. but maybe it was more exciting there, i know how grandma and enid get with their card games haha. how many new rules did grandma pull out on you guys? haha just kidding. sounds like everything is good there though, you and dad watching football and eating. i don't know how it could get better than that haha. that's cool, i will get to see brianna's wedding, but that is alot of time to wait. but they waited five years whats one more haha. i'm way glad for her though. but it sounds like you guys are staying busy there with all the callings and work. i got my hands full now too. this week was transfers and my companion got transfered, and now i am district leader and am chasing behind this marrige that we have this week. it is crazy, yesterday they told me that they wouldn't be able to rent a dress or suit cuz their money doesn't go into their account until saturday. so we were running around the ward all day yesterday finding a suit and dress for them haha. it was way crazy. it's crazy cuz i got all this resposibility thrown on my shoulders haha. i turned senior conpanion and district leader the same transfer, then try to get this marrige ready. so there is no putting it off till later cuz the wedding is friday. o i almost forgot, i had to go find some fake gold rings in the center too haha. they will be living life big with two dollar rings haha, but they look just like the ones they will buy after they get their money. no one will know the difference but them haha. but it has been pretty crazy for me this week. i like my new companion, elder hobbs. i have already lived in the same house as him when i was in dom pedro, so we know each other good and get along really good. we had a little break today. we went to this park and played soccer and yes, i'm getting alot better at my soccer skills haha. it was way fun, but my legs are gonna be sore for the rest of the week haha. but things are going good here. i am liking this place. it is a little cooler than manaus, and my ward is really good. we are working way hard though and are finaly seeing the results of it. that's what makes the mission. because you have so much difficulties and some really hard times, but when you get to see that you helped someone's life it makes you forget everything and just get a feeling that you can't get any where else. but i got to run mom and dad i have to go take our investigators to get fitted for the dress a member it making. love you guys