Wednesday, February 23, 2011

hey mom and dad
tell jamie hulse thank you for me haha. a sympathy package sounds great to me. things are going good here though. we are working really hard and i'm learning a lot. we still work just like normal missionaries but we just don't leave until four in the afternoon. the lord helps us a lot with the people though, we have two baptisms on the 5 of march. two men too, the men are the hardest ones to find. you should have seen it on sunday. one of the men came to church for the first time, from one of the little cities here, and at the end asked us, "so how does getting me baptized work?" haha. we were blown away. we went and taught him that day and marked his baptism date. he is way smart, he pretty much taught the whole first lesson to us, haha, all we had to teach was about the restoration. he was is way excited. his fiance is a member too, so she was there with us when we taught him. they are both way excited. then our other man, that will be baptized, is super intelligent! we have been teaching the plan of salvation to him for two days now cuz we get so detailed in it. he wants to know everything. we were teaching about our purpose here on this earth and about receiving the gospel in our lives then he was like "I'm in now aren't i? this is my chance that God is giving me to receive the restored gospel in my life." we were blown away with that comment. we marked his date yesterday and his response was as if he just won a prize (which really is) it was way cool. but i am learning a lot about dealing with this finance stuff. its nice too cuz the mission building is on the church ground so i pretty much live at the church. i do have to say the air conditioning is way nice, the first time i have ever been cold on the mission. but our rooms where we sleep don't have air just fans. but its nice cuz the only thing we do there is sleep haha. i think i am gonna like it here. the only thing is that i will be here for a long time. when i get out i will only have two transfers left on the mission. but it will be cool cuz i will set up you guys coming to get me, and i will get to talk to you guys on skype for mother's day where you can see me and its for free. so that will be way nice. and mom you would be proud, i am actually learning how to type other than just typing with two fingers hahaha. it will be a really good learning experience here. but i got to run we have to go pay some bills. that's a bad thing, we have to work on p days hahahaha. love you guys.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

bem vindos a manaus
haha i got transfered back to manaus. and guess where i got transfered to....... finacial secretary. haha. that's right mom, i get to do exacty what you do for the hospital for the mission manaus. i am a little blown away right now haha. i'm not sure if i'm excited about it or not. what i will do is work in the office (with air conditioning!!!!!!) until four then go work in my area for the rest of the night. i think i will like it, but i will just have to get used to it. it's gonna be a lot of work i think. i have to do all the missions expences like rents and bills and the missionarys allowance every two weeks. it will be a learning experiece for sure cuz you know how good i am with computers and stuff haha ;) i will be trained for five weeks then my companion will be transfered and i will have to do it all by my self. the only down fall to it is that i will be in here for about seven months. then i will only have, i think, one more area before i go home. but it's cool i get to go to other areas to talk with land lords and stuff. so it won't be just locked away here. i was way bummed to be leaving porto velho though. that couple that we were working with is getting baptized next week, and i wanted to be there with them. but at least they are getting the important stuff done, but i just wish i could be there to see it. the missionaries have been working with them for four years now. they are a very special family. as soon as i found out i was being transfered we pretty much lived at their house haha. we made better than family home evening cake and played all sorts of games. it was alot of fun. but anyways, about those motorcycle magazines mom...... you should probably send those this way. we missionaries need stuff to keep us sane haha. i am not that trunky yet ;) hahaha i don't think i am needing anything else here though. i got back to manaus so i have my other shoes, and they wont get quite so hammered in thes area. my garmentss are holding up good. i had bought like four extra pairs in the mtc, so i think i am set. but you could send that shirt. porto velho did a number on my shirts haha. i still have good pants, and those socks from the missionary mall are pretty much undestructable. i have come to find out they are still like new. crazy two pairs or shoes and not one hole in a sock. you can throw some visine eye drops in there too. i am out of the stuff i brought with me. but other than that i am pretty good here. i will see how much i am gonna like new area thing i got going on, but i think it will be fine. i will talk to you guys later though. i love you guys.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

so there won't only be painted faced, streakin kids in vegas but brazil too haha. that's awesome! i can't believe i missed it! waited all these years to see them win one and they finally do when i'm on the mission. what kind of deal is this? haha. i'm sad i mssed the party too haha. i would kill for some hot chicken wings right now. me and my companion were dying all day cuz we knew it was the superbowl haha. we are probaby gonna have to go play some football one of these days now. but, by next superbowl i will be home, so they will just have to do it next year too. but anyways, haha. that's cool that you heard from chase. it has been so long since i have seen him. it's gonna be crazy to see where everyone is at when i get home. it's gonna be way weird too to see all the little kids all grown up haha. i am getting old mom, i am almost 21 years old! my companion said something about that the other day and i almost didnt beleive it! that's cool that bruce is going on a mission! is him and his mom butting heads like we did when we were doing my papers? haha. o i remember those days. the mission will be really good for him. tell him if he gets to go to the states he won the lotery haha; cars, bikes, hot water, no worms hahaha. that would be the life. no, brazil is cool, just tough. they have a saying here in brazil "só o forte servir no norte" only the tough serve in the north of brazil. things are going good here though. this is the last week of the transfer, so we are just waiting to see were everyone will go. we have more than twenty kids going home this transfer, so there will be lots of changes. i think me and my companion will stay together another transfer in this area though. i'm alright with that too cuz i want to be here for this next wedding and baptism that we are gonna have. this huge area is takin its toll though. i think if i dont go back to manaus this transfer i will have to buy new shoes. but it's ok. they are cheap here. mine are hammered though haha. i will send pics here in a bit. these dirt roads do some work on black dress shoes. but i am feeling good and we are working good. it's nice to have someone that's alot like me as my companion. we have a lot of fun and get work done too. next transfer will be a short one too, only five weeks, so thats why i think we will stay together one more. crazy cuz after this one is my last call to home!!!! way crazy. when does chauncy come home again? but i got to run mom and dad i love you guys and will talk to you next week.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

hey mom and dad
sounds like things are going good back home. that's way cool about dantley. that's cool about loralee too. where is that college? is aunt sally gonna let her out of her reach haha. that's awesome that dave won the nationals, but it's sad to hear he is riding a honda. now who am i suposed to get my parts from haha. but that's alright. that just means ktm has got an open spot for me on their team when i get home haha. so i did get my hippy stuff last week. it is way cool! i will send you some pictures of them. and don't worry, i'm not real far from the jungle, but i am pretty sure my companion could take a jaguar. he is a big dude haha. just kiddin. you dont have to worry. we are never in the jungle. we did take a walk to see it the other day, but it was during the day time and we didn't go in it. things are going pretty good for us. the only bad thing was yesterday we had a service project and i got attacked by some gnarly amazon ants haha. they weren't real big, but let me tell you, they packed a punch haha. but they are better today, so that's good. things are going good. we got the coupe all entered in for marrige, and they were all together at church this week. they already look like members. they were all in white shirts and ties and with scripture cases. they are ready. all they need is this marriage to run smooth. they treat us better than the members do when we go over to their house haha. they always have something for us to eat. they are way cool. i think i am gonna make a better than family home evning cake for them cuz they want to try an american cake haha. tonight we are going to all you can eat pizza for my companions one year day. it is cool cuz it's cheap and we can just hammer them there haha. its 5 bucks to get in, then you can just do work haha. i don't know if they are ready for my companion. he was a lineman in highschool, if that tells you anything. it's good, i don't have to worry about getting robbed with him haha. but i got to run mom and dad. i love you guys