Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hey mom and dad
so you didn't like the alligator hunting huh? haha don't worry i didn't catch anything other that fish that day so you don't have to worry about parasites or things like that haha. it was a lot of fun though. this week has been pretty action packed too. we had two baptisms, of Erivelton and Mylenna, and two weddings to be at. then, on top of that, all the preparation for the new president. i think we are all ready now. it is gonna be a wild few weeks till president gets the hang of things. he gets here today, in about two hours from now, with his family. its crazy how they are changing. president jaymes plane leaves two hours after president klein gets here, so they will meet in the airport for an hour and then the assistants will take the new president and his family to their house, temple and to the office. i couldn't even imagine how crazy of a day its gonna be for them. we will help them as much as we can though, so it will be good. i'm excited to meet them. we made some going away shirts for president and sister jayme last night. we are all gonna miss them a lot, but it will be really good with the new president. the two baptisms we had were really good! the man Erivelton is awesome! i swear he is gonna be a stake president one day. he was probably the most prepared person i have taught on my mission. we would go to teach the lessons and he would pretty much teach the whole thing to us. listen what he said to us in our first lesson with him. we asked how do you feel about the church and the things that are taught? (he had been going to church for a few weeks) he said " well i was a little closed off about the church to start with. my girlfriend (a member he was dating and married to now) would always tell me about it but i never had the desire to learn. i just blew it off and always made excuses not to go. but one sunday she finally got me to go to see how it really was. i sat through the meetings and felt really good but was still a little closed off about it. that week the church and what was taught was running through my head. i couldn't stop thinking about it. so i asked God why i was thinking about it. later that week we were having lunch at work and the subject of religion came up. everyone was talking about their different religions and who was right and the big confusion in the world. then it was just like someone came and wispered it right in my ear, but with out sound, this is the church of Jesus Christ, the only true church. i felt something that i couldn't deny and i know that the church is true and i want to be baptized in the only true church, and have an eternal family." you can just imagine two missionaries with their jaws on the floor haha. it was so amazing! we got him baptised a week later, this last saturday, and as of yesterday is married to member of the church, Adriana, just waiting for the temple in manaus to get finished and the year of membership to get here so they can get sealed. it is one of the most amazing things to see, mom and dad. more amazing that an alligator in the middle of a park, or the amazon jungle, or the sun set on the black river. i can't even discribe the happiness that getting to be a small instrument in the Lord's hands and have the oportunity to see the change in peoples lives is. this is what makes the mission. but i better run, president is gonna be getting here in a little bit, and i still need to go to the bank and make deposits. i love you guys and will talk to you next week. i will see when my friend is gonna be there and the time and everything.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Can you say Elder Hansen the allegator hunter?
haha. one of our members took us to get some allegators. he got one last week and ate it, so he invited us to go this week. it was a lot of fun! we went out to his house then went upstream from there haha. don't worry mom, i still have all my fingers and all my toes. we didn't see any this week, only fish. it is crazy how you hunt them! you walk up that little stream deal, and look for them and seeing where their belly slides are, and everything. not gonna lie... it gets pretty scary walkin up that stream and seeing all these marks from allegators and you just have a machete in your hand and a fishing net haha. but the member said it was safe, and he went in front, so it was not too bad. we couldn't find any so we just fished. it was so nice to relax a little bit and get our minds of things for a little bit. it has been a rush here in the office ever since last week. we have almost got everything ready for the new president, and at the same time got two investigators ready for baptism, haha. you should have seen it yesterday, we planned the week out last week, and we always have a meeting with president on monday. so we got that all planned and got our investigators that are gonna be baptised this week all planned to visit, cuz they have a really busy schedule too. so, we planned it all for tuesday. monday comes around and president calls and says the meeting is moved to tuesday. the boat that had the moving truck on it, for international moving, broke down in the amazon river and are gonna be there at noon on monday. so when is the meeting? right when the we are supposed to teach our investigators. so we wake up tuesday, set up the church for president's going away conference with the whole mission, wrangle all the missionarys around till noon, run to eat lunch, then run to our first investigator, right by lunch, around one thirty that was marked for four, teach her untill two fifteen, run across our area to the our other investigator, that is getting baptised and married, mark to come back at four. run to the office, get there right at three and enter in the meeting. the meeting goes a little long, until four fifteen. we run to the investigaters house, teach him until four forty five, then get a taxi to go to the marriage place to enter four couples in for marriage, and are there till five thirty. then we have a problem with one of the companies we use and a lot of money was taken from the mission in a confussion. so i am at thier office, in the center of the city, till nine thirty at night haha. but we got it, almost, all straightened out haha. so it has been a wild one latley. but its good, i love it. its good when things are running all over the place. its a whole lot better than being stopped, going no where, doing nothing. i'm just trying my best to do everything right with this stuff haha. but i better run. i love you guys. i will talk to you next week.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

hey mom and dad
finally getting warm there huh? it is here too!!!!! i had to put my sheets in the frezer for the first time this year haha. it has been really hot! it is hard to sleep above the office in the heat knowing down stairs has air conditioning! but i know that since we are headed into summer i will be seeing you guys at the end of it. you guys better be prepared to feel some heat haha. i think you guys will be safe though cuz it will be right into the transition to the rainy season. so that sounds like a good deal you got goin on with the travel agency, that way we could get to see st clair. o, and before i forget, there is a member from this ward that is going to be in las vegas on the 31st of july. he is wanting to meet the family and yes, he speaks english haha. i was thinking you guys could have dinner with him or uncle terry and aunt sally could. he said he likes dutch oven haha. he served in the provo mission and passed in st george for a while. he is way cool. he always takes us to this really nice resturaunt to eat lunch. he says the secret to have a good life is to treat the missionaries good haha. so if you guys can or if uncle terry can just let me know so i can send things home with him too. we just got done with the transfers now, and it was way tiring! but its good cuz i only have to do one more of them, then the next i get transfered. here in two weeks will be the change of the presidents so thats exciting and sad at the same time. i have figured out the mission is full of weird feelings like this haha. like when you leave you are excited about going and sad about leavin the family, the weird feeling of having no clue what people are saying, the feeling when a lady you are teaching trys to hug ya and you running away from it then explaining haha, now this trading presidents then going home will be a real weird feeling haha. but the mission is awesome, if you would have asked me that yesterday... when the elders that went to open a little city on the amazon river called and said there was a hole in the roof of their house, and an animal had been living in the house for the last year, and that presidet said "Elder Hansen figure it out" haha, it might have been a different story about this whole mission being cool deal haha. but i got it taken care of and they did sleep somewhere with a roof and without the "stuff" the animal left behind, so that is good. they got a bunch of members over there to help clean it all up and fix the roof today, and i got money out to them to buy new supplies. so we are set now. but i think im gonna go play some soccer with the ward so i better run. me and vanna will have to battle it out in some soccer when i get back haha. i love you guys talk to you next week

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hey mom and dad
GOOD JOB MOM!!!! wow just think you have now completed two hundred mile races while i have been on the mission thats pretty impressive! that is way cool. it sounds like you had a pretty wild time haha, black eye, flat tire, but nothin stops momma. I am gonna have to get me a bike when i get back so i dont feel lazy. thats good about KC that makes me really happy. Is he still dating the same girl? so brianna still hasn't marked a date huh? tell her to get on it haha. i'm guessin i will be home for it though. so dad you have some camp helamen this week huh? tell those boys up there to take it in up there, cuz it really helps you out here and they are gonna want to be prepared as they can get. i remember a lot of things that i learned there and use on the mission. i am doing good here. the transfer is winding down we have transfers on tuesday, but i know where i will be haha. but i only have two more transfers here, at least i hope. we change presidents on the 29th of this month so we will see what the new one thinks. it is getting kind of crazy here in staff cuz of the new president getting here. we are trying to get everything in top shape before he gets here. i think i might have to go find him a new apartment to live in, cuz he has kids still young that will be coming with him. i am gonna miss President Jayme though. he and his wife are amazing people and they have helped me a lot in my personal progression. Sister Jayme is so sweet! she made me cookies for my birthday then called me up just to wish me a happy birthday. we are helping them get ready to go too, with the international move and trying to get everything sorted out, it is gonna be interesting here the end of this month thats for sure. so my birthday was good. the night before one of the families in the word suprised me with a big chocolate cake and we hung out with them for the night. it was really fun. then on my birthday i got to eat some fejuata haha (that stuff that has intestines in it) and it didnt make me sick so that was a good present haha. then we went over with the gonzaga family and ate lazanna and made that cheese cake, that turned out really good, then they gave me a brazil soccer jersey that was really nice of them. o that reminds me mom what size of ring do you wear? get the sizes of aunt valinda, grandma, kyla, brianna, aunt val, aunt sally, aunt daniel, pretty much everyone's ring size that would want a ring from the amazon. they have these cool rings made from a nut of a fruit here that are way cool and really cheap like fifty cents a ring. yours will be a little different though a little more fancy. i think it would be something cool to get everyone that i could handle in the missionary budget that's original from the amazon haha. all the missionaries wear them. i better run though we are gonna go play some soccer with the young men of the ward. love you guys!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

hey mom and dad
so the deal above is the new travel agents information. the old one got transfered to a different apartment, so it is a good thing that you guys waited a little bit. i think it would be cool to go see st claire and his family but if you dont think it will work out its just important that i get back to the states haha. so it is still cold there huh? well it is starting to get really hot here! it rains less and less everyday and has less and less clouds in the sky, so that means more of that direct equater sunshine haha. it is getting to the season where you just take a nice cold shower then run from there to your bed and put your face right in front of the fan and fall asleep before you get too hot. i cant beleive that taylor is graduated now! i am getting old mom! i mean, 21 here in a few days how crazy is that?! i think i am going over to the gonzaga family's house that night and we are gonna eat some cake. speaking of the gonzaga family, we got pedro baptized saturday and it was way cool! he is way excited, but pretty embarased about the jump suit he had to wear, haha. but he was way happy. so that was way good. we went and played some paintball today. that was fun! i shot my ex-companion in the neck haha. it feels so good to get out of the office for a little while. i think we are gonna play soccer tonight too. we are working really hard here! i only have two more transfers in the office, thats way crazy! i have this next transfer till the end of july and then i train the next missionary that gets so lucky to be in here haha. but i better run i love you guys. tell taylor congrats for me i sent him an email too. talk to you next week