Wednesday, April 28, 2010

o and yes those are the little kids that i had to take care of at church haha

On Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 2:54 PM, Dylan Cord Hansen wrote:

hey mom and dad
im excited to talk to you two next week! this is how it is gonna go i will call you one day next week mom and tell you a time and a number for you guy to call here. so watch for my call next week but if you dont answer i will just leave a message. but any ways this week i got transfered. i am now living in the middle of the city in a place called Gloria. it is a place that has mostly the less welthy people. it is in the down town of the city but you can see the river from it it is pretty cool. my companion is a brazilian he is cool i like him but that means not one word in english for the next six weeks. but i am gonna like it i can speak well enough to where we can converse and he likes to converse so we talk a lot to each other. he likes a lot of the stuff i do he has always wanted to ride dirt bikes so he thinks that is way cool. he likes to ride horses and bulls and thats something i have always wanted to do so we get along good haha. right now though he has a problem in his back it is like something he was born with that just showed up like a month ago so he cant work much so that means lots of studding for us but they are gonne wait a couple more weeks to see if it gets any better cuz he is taking medicine for it but he might have to go home and get surgury so we will just have to see. but i was a little bummed to leave my last area we had just found some really cool families. we had a wedding and two baptisms marked for next week of margarete and her husband ondino and baptizing margarete and here daughter camila. ondino is already a member and active. then we found this one family with three daughters of 9, 12, and 15 the one with 15 years has a sickness where she lost all her hair and cant get too tired they were at church this week and loved it and we were at there house tuesday night teaching and they asked when they could be baptized it was way cool and we had a family night that they loved too so it was hard leaving them but we will find people here. but i am liking it here it is way different so far. when i was walking to into to the house the first day this giant parrot squacked right next to my head bout scared me to death haha. it is the next door neighbors pet pretty cool. but i got to go mom and dad sounds like you guys are doing great i think dads got the good end of the deal on this whole bike riding thing haha but mom i am gonna have to do one of these races with you when i get back it sounds fun. i will talk to you guys next week two times actually haha love you guys!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

hey dad and mom happy birthday april 16 haha
sounds like things are going good back at home. thats cool that you are riding your bike a lot i want to see your bike. and dont worry you will make it 100 miles. i will try to use my card again we dont have a bank in my area so we just have to get money out when we go into town. thats cool that wyatt was baptized and that is way cool that his dad could baptize him you dont realize how big of a blessing it is to have your family be in the church till you see how it is with people that their family arent members. this week here was a little rough the start of the week but finished really good. my companion drank some bad water so he was sick for all but the last two days of this week. we are having troubles with suzienni she is pretty much avoiding us. her family has been lying to us a little bit about her not being home so that is a big bummer she was so close but we are gonna give here one more try then we have to just leave the invite to the only true church on this earth because we have to move on we have other people we need to be teaching. we marked a wedding and two baptizms for may 8 so we are excited about that but we have transfers this week so i could get transfered before it. we found this really cool family the other day and have a family night tomorrow with them and some members so that will be cool. but to make the week i got to hear from elder holland today and yesterday. so amazing!!! his first talk was with the members of manaus it blew me away it was about troubles in life and how we can not look at them like its god punishing us. the whole topic of it was that god loves broken things and especaily broken hearts and contrite spirits, he explained how god shows his love to us in our trials because with out him we would never even come close to being able to bare it. and to never give up our testimonies for any circumstance in the world. amazing then today he had one with just the missionaries. i got to shake the hand of an apostle of our allmighty god mom and dad. the power that man has is incredible! he asked me where i was from and i told him and he was like panaca! everyone is from panaca haha it was cool. then he gave another amazing talk on obedience and doing the work of the lord. such an awesome expience he is so funny too it was way cool. so next week i might be emailing you from a different place my companion say i am going to am interior haha. the interior is the little areas in the jungles with all the monkeys haha. he just came from this little island in the amazon river he said it was awesome. so we are just waiting to see if either of us are leaving we find out saturday. time is flying by though can you beliave i get to call you here in a couple of weeks! but anyways thaat was my week i am gonna try to send pictures so i hope it works but i love you guys and thanks for everything you have done for me and continue to do! love you guys

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

hey mom and dad, Another week gone how crazy is that. it seems like i emailed you yesterday. it sounds like panaca is good old panaca. thats way cool that john is off to the mtc its so crazy all the boys are on missions now and next is maud so crazy. i heard from chauncy too that was way nice. haha we will trade all the stories that we cant tell you or his mom haha. tell taylor to get on the ball and get his licence i havebeen thinking a lot about him. What is he gonna do after high school?does he know yet? im glad to hear your service project went good the lord knows everything and will make things happen when he wants. this week has been a crazy one but good. we had our baptism saturday it was supposed to be three suzeinni, edwardo, and paulo victor but it ended up being just paulo victor caz suzeinnis baby got sick. but it was kind of a stressfull day i think we walked fifty miles it felt like haha. but it was way cool. i baptized paulo my first time ever i was so nervous. i thought i was gonna mess up on the prayer but i didnt so i only had to dunk him once haha. but it was a way cool thing his family is great and really likes us his uncle is like an amazon guide he is bringing pirctures of the anaconda he caught for us to see. i am loving mission life! you work till you almost cant walk by the end of the night then wake up at six thirty and do it again. seriously i wouldnt want to be living any other way right now. we are finding new people everyday and it is great the lord really does prepare people and put them in a place where we will find them. so i am gonna try to send pictures one of these days i went and saw the black river todayand saw where the amazon river meets it. the river is so huge! we went to the jungle too that was cool i saw a black leppord it was way cool. i am doing good though i gained my wheight back and am actually up to 135 now. my companion ate at that house that i got sick at the first week and he got sick too. but we figures it out its cuz they put intestin in the beans haha but i am acostomed to it now. i also ate an indian food this week called feswada it is pretty narly haha pigs feet intestins pig snout and other mistery meet haha it wasnt the greatest but i didnt get sick so thats good. well mom and dad i got to go but i love you guys talk to ya next week mabe on tuesday cuz elder holland has a conference with just us missionarys wednsday.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

o man i would kill to be in snow haha thanks for the pictures i like them taylor has short hair! crazy i thought he was gonna grow it out till he looked like thing off adams family haha. we got to watch general conference and it was awesome! there were so many great talks! it got me so excited for elder Holland coming here it is in two weeks. for general conference we had to go to the stake center in the middle of the city so we stayed there for two days straight haha it was a nice little break from the walking and the rain. it has been raining like crazy here and all over brazil. this week it rained for two days straight so crazy. one of the days all of our appointments fell through so we walked the streets finding people all day so we looked like we had jumped in a swimming pool when we would get to peoples houses it was a pretty long day. it is acuallyraining right now as we speak haha and will the rest of the day. we have three baptisms saturday so i am way excited for that and we marked the marriage and baptism of this couple for may 6 and 7 so that is way cool too. we are teaching tons of people o and we marked this girl cleane for the 17 of this month too. the work is amazing here it is awesome to see how our heavenly father prepairs people for us to bring this amazing message too. we have been running all over our area this week teaching its awesome. i have a talk you should listen to about the atonement it is amazing but you have to listen to it not just read it. it is called Personal Search for The Atonement by dr cleason i dont know if thats how you spell it but it is amazing i learned so much from it. we have an ipod here that my companions brother used on his mission with all the church music on it and amazing talks we listen to one or two talks every p day. the weather here is a little nicer that its raining it is around eighty five right now so it is a good break from the heat. can you beleive it is already half way with this transfer it seems like it just started and that it is only a month till i call you for mothers day. so crazy! is dad gonna be there for mothers day i hope so. but i am doing good still am healthy i lost a pound or two but i just got to pound the food this week haha i got your package this week and between my companion and i it is already gone haha all but the gum cuz we can only chew it on p days when we are at home. i got all aunt bonnies cards too tell her thanks so much i really like them and the brazilians like them too. o i met a kid that is on his mission here that has been to panaca yes here in the amazon jungle haha so it is comfirmed panaca is the center of the universe haha. he even went to our ward one time haha so portuguese gets better and better every day i am talking so much more this transfer it is getting easier and easier for me every day so i am way happy about that. but anyways i got to run. and dad thanks for the updates my companion loves it too haha. o and he has afootball here now so excited for that! love you both talk to you two next week