Monday, August 29, 2011

hey mom and dad
wow! i cant believe it has been another week already. by next week i will be training a new financial secretary. it has been crazy. i don't feel like i even had time to breath haha. i am running around like crazy. the audit went pretty good, just gave me a bunch of work! but at least i didn't mess anything up too bad haha. wow, i dont even know where to start this week. we had a baptism of Paula on saturday. it was really good. she was way excited and is really liking going to church. she is a pretty tough little girl. she is 15 years old and her parents don't want anything to do with the church. she lives very far from the church, but she is there every sunday. she watches over her little sister, that is special, and works in her family's little grocery store, and is in high school right now. she is a little warrior. we are working a lot in this little area called santa cruz. it is just a little humble part of the city, and the people there are amazing! it is were we got the alligator, so everyone knows us haha. the last three baptisms are all from there. we found a golden family there yesterday. a member introduced us to this family after we ate lunch at his house. they are very special people! the member brought us there because the husband has brain cancer, and has had a surgery already, but has to have another, and is fighting the cancer. he has four kids and his wife, and they are a family that is very close. we went there and sat down with them and really connected with them. we got to know them and presented the plan of salvation to them. they had so many questions for us and were so interested in what we are saying. it really comforted them when we taught about eternal families. while we were talking with them about it they stopped us and said, "wait we don't have to be separated after death? there is a way that we can be together forever?" it was an amazing feeling to get to tell them about God's plan for them. at the end of our visit the husband told us of his life he had led. he had a very tough life. he said, "i was addicted to drugs in my youth, drank, smoked, went to jail for drugs, saw friends being killed, and have tried to get myself straight with God for the last 18 years of my life. i have got established my family, let go of all my addictions, provided a good life for my family, and now God is showing me the part that is missing with you two being here." it is these times on the mission when you really feel like an angel sent by our Heavenly Father to His children. it is an experience that is like no other. it is crazy how you can talk to a family for the first time in your life and feel a love for them so great. it is something amazing that i will never forget. i better run mom and dad. i have been on the move ever since seven this morning haha. a missionary got here early from one of the little cities here and we had to go get him haha. i just threw a shirt on and went. and we are working like crazy here, and i have to run to the north side of the city to do a bunch of stuff for missionaries, and send stuff to São Paulo haha. o i cant wait for a regular p day again haha. i love you guys. i will send another email tonight when it has calmed down here cuz i need to ask you to bring some stuff.

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