Wednesday, May 25, 2011

hey mom and dad,
. this week was a pretty good week. we worked like crazy both in the office and in the area. it is always good to get back out in the area. we are baptizing Pedro this saturday. he is way excited and so are we. i have known him for over a year now! him and jessica say that they are gonna be the first couple to get married in the manaus temple. that is such a cool thing for a missionary to hear! that shows that he knows what he is doing and is not just thinking of short term but his future in the church. he is gonna be a really strong member. we had a special training with Elder Godoy last week. it was really cool! it was just with the members of staff, 8 zone leaders, and the two assistants. He got to know each one of us before the meeting started. that was way cool! he told us some things really interesting and things i have never thought of before. he asked us a question about how the prophet chooses where a temple should be. he was like, rio de janeiro has so many more people than manaus why isn't it there instead of here? then he explained how we always end up looking at the numbers of members in the city and stakes and all the earthly stuff. then he explained how the prophet's view is different than ours. that the prophet doesn't just look on this side of the veil, about the people in manaus, but on both sides of the veil and how he knows exactly where the temples need to be placed in the world. i thought that was way interesting to know about the prophets, and is a testimony builder about the revalation that he recieves and the eternal perspective that he has and is passing to us in every talk that he gives. it was a really good experience. but i got to run. i think we are gonna go do a round of paintball in our area, so that should be fun. i love you guys and will talk to you next week.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

hey mom and dad
well looks like you two are nice and warm there. i'm sure you guys have to stay in the airconditioning a lot cuz of that hot weather you are having while i am here freezing to death hahahaha. thats so crazy that it is snowing there! it isn't supposed to be snowing in may! i bet that's real nice to ride your bikes in isn't it? haha. things here are like normal, hot and humid! today was cool, i went and spent the day at that family's house in gloria. we just relaxed, cooked food, and talked. i was talking to pedro and he is thinking about buying a fender guitar on the internet, cuz it is half the price as it is here and was wondering if he could have it sent to our house and bring it with you guys on the plane when you come, cuz the shipping would be half of what he paid for the guitar. so just let me know what you think about that. the work is going really good right now. we will be baptizing Jessica's (from the gonzaga family) boyfriend next week. he is way cool! he has been going to institute for a year now and is so ready to be baptized! we are working with some other people too. we have a man that will be baptized before the 10th of june. he is marrying a member and is pretty much a member in her ward, but he lives here and they both will be living in our ward. so that will be cool to watch them getting started. and then we have two other institute students that are almost ready for baptism too. i am liking my new companion a lot. he is good to work with and is a lot of fun too. cuz you have to work on the mission, but you have to have fun too so you dont turn into a robot haha. we are half way through this transfer now. i can't hardly believe it! it is going by so fast, then i only have two transfers left in the office. then only two more till the end of my mission thats so crazy!!! that reminds me you guy need the name and information or the travel agency. i will send you an email tonight, cuz the missionary that has the information is sleeping right now haha. i think i might do the same until seven. then i have to go show all the kids how an american plays soccer haha (which isnt very pretty). i like doin it though, it gives me a work out and i have fun with the members. i will write you again tonight with that information. i love you guys