Monday, August 15, 2011

hey mom and dad
sounds like things are going good there with the hunting and everything. man i sure do miss this season there. but i will only miss this time haha. you guys will have to bring some jerky here if any one kills anything, or a piece of the tag from what it is sounding like haha. i am excited to go to brianna's wedding. it will be good to see new york again. i can't believe how fast time is going by these days. i swear i wrote you guy yesterday haha. here before i know it you two will be here picking me up. and i cant wait till you see the river mom and all the things here, you will be amazed! you won't believe how much water there is. i'm glad kc liked those pictures. he would really like it here too. he doesn't know it but i really miss him. it doesn't help that i dont show it by writing a letter to him or even an email haha. but i really do miss him. i know we fought like cats and dog at home but i learned a lot of stuff with him, and he really gave me a good example in lots of stuff i needed to get better at. that's one of the things i have realized here on the mission. i feel like i should have been different towards him at some part in life and not have always been fighting with him. he has always meant a lot to me but i have realized that he really does mean a lot more to me than i show and i have taken that for granted. but we'll see if i can't repent and be closer to him when i get back haha. be closer to my sisters too haha. things here are good. stressful a lot of times, with the finances, but if it was easy i wouldn't be learning haha. we are going through some changes with the houses and material in the houses, so i really don't stop any more. it is getting close to transfers again so President has be asking me to indicate some missionaries to replace me. it was funny what he said to me today. he said. " we have to find some one like you, very calm at points and very angry at other points". hahaha i think he has seen the price temper come out a few times. but i am excited to get to train and put this burden on someone elses back for a while haha. he mentioned something about sending us to all the little branches here in the amazon for a few weeks as we train but we will see how that goes. it would be nice to get some 24 hour boat rides into the amazon jungle or little jumper plane rides haha. i hear the people in these little cities are amazing and treat you like a king there. i hope it works out for us to do that but we will see. i was talking to my brazilian mom the other day and she is getting all trained up on her english before you guys get here haha. she is getting really excited too. but i better run mom and dad my food just got here haha, i love you guys and will talk to you next week.

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