Wednesday, March 31, 2010

hey mom, another week gone by how crazy is that! me and my companion are getting along really good i actually have stuff to talk about with him like sports and stuff haha he was so excited to hear who won the Superbowl he heard it was the jets haha. so i have been filling him in on all what happened before i left. the teachings are going well i talk alot more in the lessons now he teaches half and i teach half so it is really good for me and is helping my Portuguese so much. we didn't have the baptism of suzianni the had to fly out to another city because her sister was having surgery and is in the hospital so she went to help take care of the kids for a little bit but i think she gets back this week. we marked a date with paulo victor he will be baptized on the 10 of april so that is was cool. and we are teaching this girl cleane and she wants to get baptized too so we are just trying to get her ready and get her to church and she will be ready. we are teaching this one family that is really cool they are a very tight family it is way cool they read the book of mormon every night together and are really moving along well.we are inviting them to baptism tonight so i am excited to see what they think about that. we are teaching lots of people though we have slow days where all of our appointments fall through but that's missionary life for ya haha. it is hot here and gets a little hotter everyday haha send some of that wind down here a breeze is the only break from the heat that and rain. i haven't got lost yet haha close i was at paulo victors house and they were like let us give you a ride home and they live in this different zone thing they have here called barrios so they live in bela flores which means beautiful flowers and we live in parque da nacoins wich means park of the nations. and i is a huge area so they drove us off clear across town further that we were and i had only been to that side of the town once so we made it home but it was a little bit of work haha. well mom i got to run but i love you all alot and miss ya but i am where the lord wants me talk to you later love ya

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

hey mom. Another week gone by how crazy is that! this week was kind of a crazy one for me. i didnt get transfered but elder gallacher did. he went to Rio Branco it is a city right above bolivia so he is a ways a way. i got a new companion Elder Vorwaller he is from Colorado 6ft 4in tall and played tight end for a junior college in arizona. he is way cool it looks funny with me and him walking down the street haha. but i have to teach him the area so i was real nervous about that but i will do fine. monday was a wild day. it was the last day elder gallacher was here so we run around our area the whole day visiting everyone and then teaching our investigators too then at ten at night they came and got us and took us to the mission home and there were tons of missionaries there that were getting transfered. missionaries organize all the travel plan and financial stuff there in the mission home. it is pretty crazy and cool how they can organize all the missionarys and they are only 20. i have a chance that i could be in there. all the missionaries do. it is just another area that you could get transfered to called staff. so anyways we got elder gallacher off to the airport at two in the morning then i just had to stay there at the mission home with everyone else i felt like a lost puppy haha. i was really nervous about getting a new companion and how i was gonna remember everywhere so i was worrying the whole night haha. the next day we had a meeting where you got your new companion so i got my new companion and got back to our area and i calmed down and relized i could do it so i am feeling alot better about things now. but anyways the rest of last week was good. we found this one really good family that is really nice and loves to hear about the gospel. they have a goat farm and the husband loves his goats he talks about them so much haha he even had to go show us around the little pasture thing it was cool. they also grow there own fruit there and had made this fruit sallad thing it was amazing! you cant even compare the fruit we have there to here. but anyways we will have suzianni´s baptism and her sons too this saturday so we are way excited about that and she is way excited too. guess who is coming to manaus to have a fire side with the missionaries on the twenty third of april..... Elder Jeffery R. Holland!!! how awesome is that?! i am so excited to hear from him! i thing he is following me haha fist Panaca Nevada now Manaus Brazil i mean there is no other explination for it haha. but ya everyone is way excited about that here. i am doing good here still i am loving it. my portugues gets a little better everyday i have some days where i think my brain is just tired and i struggle a lot haha but how else am i gonna learn if i dont struggle a little. but i am doing good health wise too i weighed my self the other day and i weigh 130 still so thats good that i havent lost any weight i feel really good too i feel like i am in good shape i work out every morning for half an hour then i walk all day and manaus isnt flat so i feel really good. i get a little darker everyday when i got here i was so white haha i was talking with the members we live behind and they comented about how i have goten a lot darker and they said when i got here i look close to a vampire haha. well mom i will let ya go but i love you guys tell everyone hi for me. o and tell kyla i got her lettler and it even still had the dollar bills in it haha. i havent got any more yet though just hers but am not worring to much about it i am too busy to worry haha love ya talk to ya next week

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

haha mom i loved the email i laughed through the whole thing. and dont worry you will get the hang of the whole portugues thing. if i can do it you can. i am doing alot better in the portuguese i can almst understand everythimg people say here except when they use slang then i am just lost or when they speak the indian laguage then neither me or my companion can understant and that only happens when one of the nitives are drunk and run into us on the street and want to talk to us because we are white haha. speaking of being white we saw another white person here and talked to her she was from germany and spoke english and her friend that she was staying with here spoke english too they are coming to church this week. but this week was really good we had some rough days but we made it through them. remember suzianni that i was telling you about we are baptizing her and her little boy on the twenty seventh of this month. it was way cool we taught her a lesson last night and then invited her to be baptized and she was way excited she was wanting to ask when she could but was too shy haha so that is way awesome. them we are teaching this family and we have really good lessons with them. they always read the parts of the book of mormon we ask them too and study it they mark all the parts they dont understand and the parts they really like and then when we come we aswer the questions and it always leads into a good lesson i am way excited for them. it is so awesome how the lord works. we went over to a members house and we were talking with there non member friend that was over and she asked us for help. she separated from her husband but she really loves him and wants to return and be with him so she has been praying to know what to do and looking for an answer from god but she cant find it. so i got out my book of mormon and i turned to 3 nephi 13: 32-33 i think i didnt know why but the spirit wanted me to read it so we did and it was about seeking the kingdom of god first and how god knows all ours needs. it really hit her and we saw a light click with her and she said that is what she needs to do and the lord will work in his own time so she is coming to church this week its amazing how the lord works. well mom i got to run i love you so. dad told me a quote that his dad told him and can you tell him that he turned out to be a big fish in a big pond in my eyes i have been thinking about that for the whole wee and feel like he needs to hear it for some reason. love you mom thanks for everything!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

hey mom another week gone by how crazy is that? i only have two more weeks left in my first transfer thats pretty crazy to me. i am glad to hear things are going good there at home i wish i could feel some of that cold right now it is a nice and humid 95 degrees in our house haha it cools off to about 87 in our house at nights haha. this week was pretty good though. we did a service project and i thought we had it rough at our house. this was part of the city built over one of the small rivers here and it was so crazy. you remember the part on slum dog millionair when the little boy is in the bathroom thing and had to jump through the whole in the floor in to the poo. well that little hut was these peoples houses in this place. they were all built on stilts and they had walk ways built out of 2+4 wood it was crazy we had to tear down a house and we did it with three little hammers and two crow bars and we did it in three hours so that tells ya how small it was and how it was built. the bathroom was a toiltet sit over a hole in the floor. pretty crazy i wish i had my camera. but the rest of the week went well we had some really good lessons with our investigators. no baptisms marked this week but the investigators we have are doing really well. the portugues is coming along i am understanding a lot more. and i am starting to speak alot more in the lessons. i got sick this week in was just a cold and i am almost over it so that is good. i am getting plenty to eat here haha some days i feel like i am going to pop haha. i was going to try to send pictures this week but it didnt work out so mabe next time haha. well mom i miss ya tons but i am doing good here and loving every minute of it and am in some really good hands so you dont need to worry. love ya mom thanks for everything

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

hey mamma sounds like everything is going great there! that stinks that they lost state but o well. so when i read that about the food you have no idea how much my mouth was watering haha. the food is pretty good here but nothing rivals that haha. tell grandma happy birthday and that i didnt forget her i was telling my companion about how she is only seventeen haha. and that is cool that riley is gettin the hang of primary tell her hi for me and that i really look up to her and how she is very strong in the church it is so awesome to me and i am so happy for her! to answer some of your questions yes the address is the mission home for almost all my areas so that is easy i havent got any cards yet and its really hard to tell how long it will take to get here some get here in three weeks others three months haha. but things are awesome here except i learned something interesting this week haha it is winter here too!!! we have the same seasons as there! i am going to die in the summer haha. it has been pretty warm this week but has rained a lot i like the rain cuz it cools ya off a little haha. i am feeling good and have been fighting off the mosquitos i always have to have bug spray on cuz they are everywhere haha. this week has been cool we have a new invesogator named suzianni she is way awesome she is coming along so fast she loves to here from us and is coming to church this week she is a single mom with three little filhos. two boys and one little baby girl i like teaching her a lot. i am getting a little less shy every day so i am talking more and more everyday. i am understanding pretty well i still miss some of the things people say but most i understand i am working on my pronunciation cuz i have a really hard tim e with it but i am learning. no big spiders this week so that was good haha i am going to try to send pictures next week i think so i hope it works i have some good ones straight from the jungle. we did a service progect this week it was cool we were working in the jungle i liked it alot. but anyways i got to go we are going to learn how to make this cake at a members house it is so good! love ya mom tell everyone hi