Wednesday, August 10, 2011

happy birthday dad and kc
wow i cant believe that its dad's and kc's birthday already, july flew by! one of my friends here had his birthday today too. we went and had a little activity and i got toasted haha. its funny, we put regular clothes on to play soccer and what not and we all have these gnarly tan lines of a collared shirt. it looks pretty funny and is even funnier the next day when everyone has the top button unbuttoned on their white shirt cuz they got burn on their neck haha. but we had a lot of fun, so don't worry dad, we celebrated your birthday and had a lot of fun. but i am toasted. I'm glad you guys liked the picture of the alligator. did you like my sweet heart shirt? that's what you get when your house burns and you get all the missionaries clothes that they left behind of girlfriends that sent them dear john letters hahahaha. the worst thing is i knew this missionary really well and remember that he wore that shirt all the time and said he was gonna marry his girlfriend waiting on him at home. and i remember when he put that shirt in the "i don't want this anymore" box haha. but we are famous in that little area now with all those guys with tattoos and they like us. they always see us and say lets go get another alligator mormons hahaha. its good to have these guys as friends now, its a lot safer walking through that area. we are still working like crazy! i am convinced that this pace is gonna stay like this until i leave the office, if i leave, that is haha. but we are still managing to find new people and teach them. we are teaching Junior and he is really cool! he has been living a pretty wild life and we knew him before and taught him but he didn't want to give up the wild life. then one sunday he showed up at church and we talked with him and are getting him involved in the ward soccer and now he has a baptism date marked for the twentieth of this month. we are way excited for him and he is excited too. we just have to help him with a few things before that day, but he is gonna make it and it will be a huge step up in his life and he knows it. but i need to go mom and dad i have to go buy tickets to one of the little cities here in the amazon so two missionaries can go there and baptize a bunch of people that the branch has prepared there. i love you guy happy birthday dad and send a happy birthday to kc too.

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