Monday, August 22, 2011

hey mom and dad
wow that is a big deer! i bet he tastes a lot better than that good ole tag haha. you guys will have to let me know how much he scores when they score him. how is colton doing on finding his deer? tell him to kill one even if its small so i can have some jerky when i get back, but that wouldn't be anything different, him killin little deer ;) haha well things here are pretty good. the yearly audit is today and has been going on for the last eight hours, so you know how much fun that brings for the financial secretary. and it doesn't help that last night around three in the morning we had a crazy rain storm and the power was out until 9 this morning. i was soaked by six thirty haha. it was great. the rain was nice though. it has been about a month and a half since it rained here in the city last, so it gave us a break from the heat. saturday when we were going to lunch we went by a thermometer and it was 105. it has been way hot! guess what only two weeks and i get to pass my job to someone else here on the mission. i am pretty excited, I'm not gonna lie. i am ready to be done with the craziness of the office. i was talking to president the other day and he was asking me where i wanted to go for my last transfer, i mentioned going back to one of the areas that i have already served in, ya he shut that down haha. but he was talking about maybe sending my to one of the little cities here close to manaus so i can get to know something different. but we will see what happens. i will be fine with whatever place he puts me. i am still liking this area. we have a baptism this week and that will be really good, but i feel like i know everyone haha. i almost feel like i turned a normal member of the ward here. but for sure I'm gonna miss it when i have to leave. there are a bunch of people here that I'm gonna bring you guys to meet. one of the members said he is doing a brazilian barbecue for you guys when you get here. it is good too, trust me. i just about made my self sick on it last week cuz i ate so much haha. i think i am gonna talk to this member and see if he can take me to pick you guys up then we will just go straight to his house for lunch. but we will figure that all out here in a little bit when it is getting closer. i talked to my brasilian mom this week and she is still way excited. she was talking in english with me and everything haha. you guys better start practicing your Portuguese. you guys should send me your guyses flight plans too. are we still needing tickets to Belo Horizonte? we have members here that could help find a cheap flight if you want. just let me know. o my package got here. it was just in time cuz my shoe has a nice hole in it and was just about wearing holes in my socks. I'm not saying the new shoes are the best looking things in the world, but they are comfortable and dont have holes in them haha. but i got to run. i love you guys and will talk to you next week.

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