Wednesday, December 22, 2010

wow crazy water in the desert!
so is it just a muddy sloppy mess there now? that's pretty crazy that the damn is ready to break. if it does there will be a real big mess. there are cities flooding here too. São paulo has been flooding this whole week. but it is way calm here. it has been raining here but just light rains and then sun shine. so everybody is headed for good old panaca. it will be way good to talk to evryone again. i think i will be calling around one in the afternoon. i got my phone card this week so i will call you then you guys can call me back. it might be a little earlier than one so just be sure to answer your phone mom hahaha. we are gonna call from the church again. i think before we call we are gonna go eat at bishops house and get the key from him. we are having a lot of activities here. last week we went and spent the day at an orphanage with the ward. we went and told a story about Christ then fed the kids all kinds of treates from the nicest bakery in town. after that we just played with the kids for about two hours. they were so fun! can you imagine two missionaries running around the orffanage with fourty kids after them haha. it was way fun. i didnt want to leave there when it was time to go. the little kids were begging us not to leave and having us write our names on their hands so they wouldn't forget us. it was a way good experience. we just got back from our flight to Acré yesterday. it was way cool. we flew out and had our conference and a talent show and joked around with all the missionaries then went and ate at a really nice resturaunt. then tuesday we just wandered the center of the city looking at all the tourist sites there until two oclock. it was way cool, and the flights were cool too. now, it is just waiting to get to talk to you guys. i am getting pretty ancy to talk to you guys. i just got to figure out everything to do to call you guys haha, i have to call about a hundred different numbers to get out to the US. but i will get it done. there are five other americans in this city that will be calling home too, so one of us should figure it out haha. then i have no clue what i am gonna do the rest of the day, but it will be good. but things are going goods here i'm almost over my cold. thats funny the food is getting maud haha. i know excactly how he is feeling. just stay close to a bathroom maud, preferrably with running water so you dont have to have to go ask for the bucket of water first haha. its good for kids hahaha. but i got to run mom and dad i love you guys and am way excited to talk to you here in three days. tell aunt bonnie and aunt dannielle they are in my prayers

December 15, 2010

Sorry I didn't post this last week. My internet was having issues.

hey mom and dad
only a week till i get to talk to you guys!!!! i am pretty excited to get to talk to you guys, it has been way too long. but anywho, the shirt burning was really good. haha. and don't you worry mom i picked the one that had a huge black stain down the front of it that i couldn't use anyways. i didn't get any pictures of it, but we did video it. the only bad thing about the video is it won't let me send the video to you. but i will figure it out. you will be happy mom, i finally filled up my memory card on my camera. now i just got to buy a new one haha. they are pretty cheap here, i think, so maybe next week i will go get one in the center of the city. it will be nice to get out of the house for a p day. that is the only thing bad about here is there aren't very many missionaries so there aren't tons of activities on p day. me and my companion were going crazy today cuz we didnt have anything to do haha. he is a lot like me, he dosen't like to stay sat down for very lomg haha. we are getting along really good. he is way funny, so we just joke around and tell stories while we are walking in the streets. speaking of walking we did a lot of it this week haha. our area is huge, so we have to split up the days into which area we will work in. i'm afraid my shoes wont make it to long here haha. i am aready getting a hole in one side and and the mud isn't doing very well for them haha. but anyways, we get to fly to another state monday for a christmas conference. it will be way cool to get to see another new place and get another airplane ride haha. maybe they will bring packages that people got there. cuz here it is that we only get our packages when someone goes to manaus or some one comes here. so, it could be a while, but im hoping my package is there and they bring it to the christmas conference. so, it sounds like christmas is going good there. do you guys have snow yet? we had a nice cold front come through here. it has been about 80 degrees for the last few days. but, the only bad thing is, that right before the cold front came through i caught the flew haha. so the cold isn't helping. but i'm getting over it now, and i am glad cuz it isn't very fun doing missionary work when your sick haha. so dad subscribed to motorcross magazine huh? good thing cuz i have looked and my last magazine about 500 times haha. it's almost not even a magizine anymore haha. and your right that does make me happy to here that the ktms are the top bikes of the year. haha my companoin is getting to learn all about motorcycles haha. it is good cuz i'm learning all the names of the parts in portuguese haha. but things are goin really good. we have a wedding and baptism marked for the 7 of january. we are working really hard and the lord is blessing us with people to teach. the couple that will be baptized and get married are progressing so good. they haven't missed a church meeting for about three weeks now and thats including stake conference and two fireside. we are way happy with them and they are liking church alot. this ward is good about working with the recent converts too, so we are way excited. but i got to run mom and dad. i will tell you what time i will be calling next week but i think it will be about noon or one your time. i love you guys!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

hey mom and dad
one year down can you beleive it? i am burning one of my shirts tomorrow and then we are gonna go eat at subway to get trunky haha. yes, thats right, subway!!!! it almost makes a kid forget he is thousands of miles away from home in the jungle speaking a different language haha. it will be alot of fun. so, sounds like everyone is getting ready for christmas there. we are here too, but its just not the same. we even put a plastic snowman window decoration in the window, but it was a sad thing, even the plastic snowmen melt here haha. i will try to send you a picture. it is the saddest, hottest looking snowman you ever seen haha. so we were talking to our bishop and we will be calling from his house on christmas day. i think i will be calling around noon your time, but i will fill you in on the details that wendsday before christmas. things are going good here in good old porto velho. we are working our little butts off here. we are trying to get two couples entered in for marrige this week. so, it is a work out for the missionaries, running all over the city trying to get all their papers right and working around all the mistakes in the paper work. it is a little bit of a head ache, but it is all worth it. you never would have thunk it, one of your kids even touching a marriage paper haha, jk mom. dont worry kyla or brianna are gonna wake up one day and realize they should probably get married haha. but it is good to be working hard and running around. it makes time go by so fast. the days just blend together and turn into one big day haha. but i am excited for christmas to get to talk to you guys. i am gonna have to practice my english with you. i haven't got to speak english for a while now, once in a while, but their english isn't real good haha. just put it this way, st claires english is like shakespeares compared to the members haha. its fun. so i am tryin to send some pics with this email too. they are of when i went to the river in center last week and of a famous train they have here. the place there is beautiful and the river is huge. you can go all the way to manaus by boat here. they said it takes four days haha. but i got to run i love you guys

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

hey mom and dad
Well let's see how my thanksgiving dinner was... i think i had some beans...........some rice........and i think chicken. haha i definitly wasn't feeling the lack of potatoes and gravy with that ham and turkey or potato salad or those nice fluffy rolls or eating all day long and watching football or just getting fat and knowing it and not caring anything about it. so my next thanksgiving home you be sure and make me a nice big pot of beans with that mystery meat in there, with that nice white rice cooked just right, and you can't forget the chicken cooked the exact same way that i have eaten it for a year. then throw me in a sauna turned up to about 100 degrees and put a tredmill in there and have me walk for miles. but, you cant for get those lights that tan people. now that just sounds wonderful haha. no it wasn't that bad haha. i did get to eat and, in the same week, i did get to play football, and i got to be in a city a little cooler than manaus. so it was all good. i am liking it here in porto velho. it has the dirt and dust but that just makes me feel right at home haha. we are teaching some awesome families now. we worked really hard last week and found a bunch of them. we visited one family last night and invited them to be baptized and they got all excited and will be baptized as soon as we get all the marrige papers done and they get all signed. so here in about three to four weeks they are going to be married and will be baptized the same night. we are working with about three more families too. we are excited to see their progress. today was cool. we went to the center of the city right by the Wood River. it is huge too! i got a bunch of pitures down there and will send you guys some next week. it was a lot prettier there than in manaus, a lot cleaner and with more grass. im glad to hear the team that did beat boise state was reno. haha. i mean it almost wouldn't be right not to root for them ,going to school there a year, haha. i miss watching the football games haha. can you beleive it's almost christmas?! it is sneaking up on me real quick. i am way excited to get to talk to you guys! i will get all set up, the time and stuff, and let you guys know around what time i will be calling. its cool, the missionaries here in porto velho will get to go to another state for christmas. we are going to a state called Acré to get together with the missionaries there to have christmas. it will be nice, there in acré it's a little cooler and has a bunch of tereré (that drink i told you about that smells just like fresh cut alfalfa). o i got you and dad christmas presents from the hippies today. they are way cool i am gonna get them sent off next week to you guys, but you probably wont get it till febuary haha. but i got to run i love you guys. tell everyone hi and let aunt bonnie know she is in my prayers.