Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hey mom and dad
so you didn't like the alligator hunting huh? haha don't worry i didn't catch anything other that fish that day so you don't have to worry about parasites or things like that haha. it was a lot of fun though. this week has been pretty action packed too. we had two baptisms, of Erivelton and Mylenna, and two weddings to be at. then, on top of that, all the preparation for the new president. i think we are all ready now. it is gonna be a wild few weeks till president gets the hang of things. he gets here today, in about two hours from now, with his family. its crazy how they are changing. president jaymes plane leaves two hours after president klein gets here, so they will meet in the airport for an hour and then the assistants will take the new president and his family to their house, temple and to the office. i couldn't even imagine how crazy of a day its gonna be for them. we will help them as much as we can though, so it will be good. i'm excited to meet them. we made some going away shirts for president and sister jayme last night. we are all gonna miss them a lot, but it will be really good with the new president. the two baptisms we had were really good! the man Erivelton is awesome! i swear he is gonna be a stake president one day. he was probably the most prepared person i have taught on my mission. we would go to teach the lessons and he would pretty much teach the whole thing to us. listen what he said to us in our first lesson with him. we asked how do you feel about the church and the things that are taught? (he had been going to church for a few weeks) he said " well i was a little closed off about the church to start with. my girlfriend (a member he was dating and married to now) would always tell me about it but i never had the desire to learn. i just blew it off and always made excuses not to go. but one sunday she finally got me to go to see how it really was. i sat through the meetings and felt really good but was still a little closed off about it. that week the church and what was taught was running through my head. i couldn't stop thinking about it. so i asked God why i was thinking about it. later that week we were having lunch at work and the subject of religion came up. everyone was talking about their different religions and who was right and the big confusion in the world. then it was just like someone came and wispered it right in my ear, but with out sound, this is the church of Jesus Christ, the only true church. i felt something that i couldn't deny and i know that the church is true and i want to be baptized in the only true church, and have an eternal family." you can just imagine two missionaries with their jaws on the floor haha. it was so amazing! we got him baptised a week later, this last saturday, and as of yesterday is married to member of the church, Adriana, just waiting for the temple in manaus to get finished and the year of membership to get here so they can get sealed. it is one of the most amazing things to see, mom and dad. more amazing that an alligator in the middle of a park, or the amazon jungle, or the sun set on the black river. i can't even discribe the happiness that getting to be a small instrument in the Lord's hands and have the oportunity to see the change in peoples lives is. this is what makes the mission. but i better run, president is gonna be getting here in a little bit, and i still need to go to the bank and make deposits. i love you guys and will talk to you next week. i will see when my friend is gonna be there and the time and everything.

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