Wednesday, June 15, 2011

hey mom and dad
finally getting warm there huh? it is here too!!!!! i had to put my sheets in the frezer for the first time this year haha. it has been really hot! it is hard to sleep above the office in the heat knowing down stairs has air conditioning! but i know that since we are headed into summer i will be seeing you guys at the end of it. you guys better be prepared to feel some heat haha. i think you guys will be safe though cuz it will be right into the transition to the rainy season. so that sounds like a good deal you got goin on with the travel agency, that way we could get to see st clair. o, and before i forget, there is a member from this ward that is going to be in las vegas on the 31st of july. he is wanting to meet the family and yes, he speaks english haha. i was thinking you guys could have dinner with him or uncle terry and aunt sally could. he said he likes dutch oven haha. he served in the provo mission and passed in st george for a while. he is way cool. he always takes us to this really nice resturaunt to eat lunch. he says the secret to have a good life is to treat the missionaries good haha. so if you guys can or if uncle terry can just let me know so i can send things home with him too. we just got done with the transfers now, and it was way tiring! but its good cuz i only have to do one more of them, then the next i get transfered. here in two weeks will be the change of the presidents so thats exciting and sad at the same time. i have figured out the mission is full of weird feelings like this haha. like when you leave you are excited about going and sad about leavin the family, the weird feeling of having no clue what people are saying, the feeling when a lady you are teaching trys to hug ya and you running away from it then explaining haha, now this trading presidents then going home will be a real weird feeling haha. but the mission is awesome, if you would have asked me that yesterday... when the elders that went to open a little city on the amazon river called and said there was a hole in the roof of their house, and an animal had been living in the house for the last year, and that presidet said "Elder Hansen figure it out" haha, it might have been a different story about this whole mission being cool deal haha. but i got it taken care of and they did sleep somewhere with a roof and without the "stuff" the animal left behind, so that is good. they got a bunch of members over there to help clean it all up and fix the roof today, and i got money out to them to buy new supplies. so we are set now. but i think im gonna go play some soccer with the ward so i better run. me and vanna will have to battle it out in some soccer when i get back haha. i love you guys talk to you next week

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