Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hey mom and dad
GOOD JOB MOM!!!! wow just think you have now completed two hundred mile races while i have been on the mission thats pretty impressive! that is way cool. it sounds like you had a pretty wild time haha, black eye, flat tire, but nothin stops momma. I am gonna have to get me a bike when i get back so i dont feel lazy. thats good about KC that makes me really happy. Is he still dating the same girl? so brianna still hasn't marked a date huh? tell her to get on it haha. i'm guessin i will be home for it though. so dad you have some camp helamen this week huh? tell those boys up there to take it in up there, cuz it really helps you out here and they are gonna want to be prepared as they can get. i remember a lot of things that i learned there and use on the mission. i am doing good here. the transfer is winding down we have transfers on tuesday, but i know where i will be haha. but i only have two more transfers here, at least i hope. we change presidents on the 29th of this month so we will see what the new one thinks. it is getting kind of crazy here in staff cuz of the new president getting here. we are trying to get everything in top shape before he gets here. i think i might have to go find him a new apartment to live in, cuz he has kids still young that will be coming with him. i am gonna miss President Jayme though. he and his wife are amazing people and they have helped me a lot in my personal progression. Sister Jayme is so sweet! she made me cookies for my birthday then called me up just to wish me a happy birthday. we are helping them get ready to go too, with the international move and trying to get everything sorted out, it is gonna be interesting here the end of this month thats for sure. so my birthday was good. the night before one of the families in the word suprised me with a big chocolate cake and we hung out with them for the night. it was really fun. then on my birthday i got to eat some fejuata haha (that stuff that has intestines in it) and it didnt make me sick so that was a good present haha. then we went over with the gonzaga family and ate lazanna and made that cheese cake, that turned out really good, then they gave me a brazil soccer jersey that was really nice of them. o that reminds me mom what size of ring do you wear? get the sizes of aunt valinda, grandma, kyla, brianna, aunt val, aunt sally, aunt daniel, pretty much everyone's ring size that would want a ring from the amazon. they have these cool rings made from a nut of a fruit here that are way cool and really cheap like fifty cents a ring. yours will be a little different though a little more fancy. i think it would be something cool to get everyone that i could handle in the missionary budget that's original from the amazon haha. all the missionaries wear them. i better run though we are gonna go play some soccer with the young men of the ward. love you guys!

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