Wednesday, June 1, 2011

hey mom and dad
so the deal above is the new travel agents information. the old one got transfered to a different apartment, so it is a good thing that you guys waited a little bit. i think it would be cool to go see st claire and his family but if you dont think it will work out its just important that i get back to the states haha. so it is still cold there huh? well it is starting to get really hot here! it rains less and less everyday and has less and less clouds in the sky, so that means more of that direct equater sunshine haha. it is getting to the season where you just take a nice cold shower then run from there to your bed and put your face right in front of the fan and fall asleep before you get too hot. i cant beleive that taylor is graduated now! i am getting old mom! i mean, 21 here in a few days how crazy is that?! i think i am going over to the gonzaga family's house that night and we are gonna eat some cake. speaking of the gonzaga family, we got pedro baptized saturday and it was way cool! he is way excited, but pretty embarased about the jump suit he had to wear, haha. but he was way happy. so that was way good. we went and played some paintball today. that was fun! i shot my ex-companion in the neck haha. it feels so good to get out of the office for a little while. i think we are gonna play soccer tonight too. we are working really hard here! i only have two more transfers in the office, thats way crazy! i have this next transfer till the end of july and then i train the next missionary that gets so lucky to be in here haha. but i better run i love you guys. tell taylor congrats for me i sent him an email too. talk to you next week

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