Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Can you say Elder Hansen the allegator hunter?
haha. one of our members took us to get some allegators. he got one last week and ate it, so he invited us to go this week. it was a lot of fun! we went out to his house then went upstream from there haha. don't worry mom, i still have all my fingers and all my toes. we didn't see any this week, only fish. it is crazy how you hunt them! you walk up that little stream deal, and look for them and seeing where their belly slides are, and everything. not gonna lie... it gets pretty scary walkin up that stream and seeing all these marks from allegators and you just have a machete in your hand and a fishing net haha. but the member said it was safe, and he went in front, so it was not too bad. we couldn't find any so we just fished. it was so nice to relax a little bit and get our minds of things for a little bit. it has been a rush here in the office ever since last week. we have almost got everything ready for the new president, and at the same time got two investigators ready for baptism, haha. you should have seen it yesterday, we planned the week out last week, and we always have a meeting with president on monday. so we got that all planned and got our investigators that are gonna be baptised this week all planned to visit, cuz they have a really busy schedule too. so, we planned it all for tuesday. monday comes around and president calls and says the meeting is moved to tuesday. the boat that had the moving truck on it, for international moving, broke down in the amazon river and are gonna be there at noon on monday. so when is the meeting? right when the we are supposed to teach our investigators. so we wake up tuesday, set up the church for president's going away conference with the whole mission, wrangle all the missionarys around till noon, run to eat lunch, then run to our first investigator, right by lunch, around one thirty that was marked for four, teach her untill two fifteen, run across our area to the our other investigator, that is getting baptised and married, mark to come back at four. run to the office, get there right at three and enter in the meeting. the meeting goes a little long, until four fifteen. we run to the investigaters house, teach him until four forty five, then get a taxi to go to the marriage place to enter four couples in for marriage, and are there till five thirty. then we have a problem with one of the companies we use and a lot of money was taken from the mission in a confussion. so i am at thier office, in the center of the city, till nine thirty at night haha. but we got it, almost, all straightened out haha. so it has been a wild one latley. but its good, i love it. its good when things are running all over the place. its a whole lot better than being stopped, going no where, doing nothing. i'm just trying my best to do everything right with this stuff haha. but i better run. i love you guys. i will talk to you next week.

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