Friday, July 8, 2011

Hey mom and dad
well you guys get a suprise email this week hahaha. the new president is here and is doing very good a little lost but good. but the reason i am writing you guys is that president thought it would be good that you were imformed that our apartment here above the office had a fire. there was an electrical problem and our bedroon caught fire. everyone is fine we were out working when it happened so we were safe. but my stuff wasnt so lucky haha. everything that was in the room was burned including some of my importants stuff like my birth certificate that was locked in my suit case under my bed and ll those documents. my passport is safe it was in presidents safe. but my vacsine card all that was in that little pouch thing is gone. the only thing that was left was my drivers licence that was wraped in my temple recomend i will send you a picture its actually pretty amazing. all my cloths burned up but president came to the rescue and brought two big boxes of clothes from missionaries that had gone home and left a bunch of cloths. you guys dont need to worry about anything we are getting it handled here president just wanted you guys to be aware of what is going on so you dont here a rumer that a missionaries house caught on fire in manaus and burned down half the amazon jungle and the all the people in the city haha. but i will keep you guys up to date on everything that happens. we are living in a house close by. it is the mission house we are just tryin to get everything moved there today. imagine how it is for president get here and one the third day he has to deal with this haha. but they are helping a lot! he was with us clear until we went to the other house to sleep, helping us get beds and making sure we had cloths to sleep in and sheets and pillows. they did really good and are doing really well just had a little scare haha. i was a little sad about all my stuff but the important thing is that no one was hurt. i am using my trainers shirt today haha he left it in the box when he left. im not sure what they are gonna do about our stuff yet but we will figure it out. i will just have to look like a dround rat for a little bit cuz you know how fun it is finding clothes that fit me haha. i just wanted to let you guys know im fine, everyone is fine and let you know about the documents. i dont need any of them here to get home or anything but you guys will need to ask for a second copy (i think thats how you say it in english) of my birth certificate so we have it there. mom you dont need to worry i know how you have a tendency to do that once in a while ;) everything is gonna be ok we are gonna get it all figures out here. but i better run i need to go help clean and move our fridge and washing machine to the new house. i love you guys. if you need to know anything else about the documents and if i need to do anything from here.

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