Wednesday, September 29, 2010

hey mom and dad
wow another week gone by so crazy! can you beleive i only have one more week in this transfer? it flew by. that's usually what happens when you open an area, though, cuz you are running all over the place. but it has been a good one. so it's good to hear that aunt danielle is doin pretty good. i emailed her the other week cuz she emailed me and said she got a computer in her room. so they have to change their house, huh? they are gonna need a lot of help. get those elders over their when they start doin it. those states side boys need to get off their bike and out of their cars and do some work too, haha. you have no idea how much the missionaries here talk about that haha. it's pretty funny actually. that's way crazy that cory comes home in like five weeks! two years flys by. and if you lost track, i am creepin up on a year real quick. crazy, huh. it's gonna be crazy when all my other buddies are gettin home next year, my turn will be right around the corner. but let's think of that later so i dont get trunky, haha. that's cool dad likes his job. and the hours are way better than him leaving for three days. thats cool that he is gonna teach sunday school too, haha. he will love it. he will get a feel for what happens to us when one of the teachers don't show up and we have to teach it on the spot haha. that's good that your liking the primary still and, i got a good story for your primary kids. so here the kids play soccer at the chapel evey tuesday and thursday night. and there are always tons of kids there. but the coolest thing about it is that all the member kids are inviting their non member friends and in active friends there and then we go and talk with all of them at the start of the game and leave a little message. well this little missionary act of these little kids is changing the lives of a lot of their friend. ten of them decided they wanted to go to church now and have been going for the last three weeks. and two of them have a baptism date already this week and the others will have baptism dates this week too. so, it doesnt matter how old you are you or how big you are you can help a person find the truth and really find happiness. it is way cool. i have never seen little kids do so much missionary work. but i think you can share that with your kids and maybe print out little name tags and they will like it. so, ya, those questions are way hard, huh. we have to answer those kinds of questions on the spot. some times we have to tell them we will have to study about it and answer them later. like i had to find where it talked about the war in heaven in the bible for this guy, edwardo, cuz he had been taught a whole different way. but i found it. its in revalations 12 and it even talks about the third satan took with him. we see him again this week so, i have to be prepared for his new questions. i haven't got my package yet but it should be coming. is their jerky in it? cuz i have a returned missionary that is crazy for jerky haha. he is way cool. he gave me a soccer jersy last week haha. but, any ways, i got to run mom and dad. i will talk to you next week and i will get you the adress of my brazilian mom's house haha. she will like getting a card from you guys. i love you guys

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