Wednesday, September 1, 2010

hey mom and dad
I GOT TRANSFERRED!!! i am in manaus still in a place called don pedro. it is pretty crazy me and my companion are opening the area so we dont know anything about the area so that means some good times getting lost haha. they say this area is really good though. it had missioaries one time but they traveled alot because they were assistants to the mission president. but they said this ward works like crazy and i beleive it. we got here yesterday and we already have a baptism and wedding next week. and they gave us two refrences yesterday too. it is gonna be so nice being in a strong ward. my last two areas were some of the hardest in the mission. i think i am gonna like this area a lot. my companion is an american from las vegas, how cool is that! not gonna lie, it is so nice to talk english a little bit haha. we live in a house with two other missionaries, both americans too. and you can tell i'm starting to get old on the mission because i'm not the newest one in the house. its crazy to think im creaping up on one year. our house is cool though, the best part is that in the room we sleep in has an air conditioner. O YES!!!!! i walked in there last night to sleep and it was like walking into heaven haha. it is nicer than my last house by far. i was excited to go to a different area, but i didn't think it would be so hard to leave all the people there. man i was struggling. the family that lived below us got me a new tie and pen. they are very special people! i have no clue how the mom, tania, does it. she has two daughters one 14 and other 2. her huband left her for another women a year and a half ago. she is strong in the church and supports her two little girls by her self. a very amazing person. the other family that was hard to leave was gudete and her family. they pretty much adopted us missionaries as their kids. they threw me a going away party and bought pizza and soda. it was way cool, i am gonna miss them alot! you might be getting a call from her one of these days she said, haha. and yes, she speaks a little bit of english. she sent me with a mamma package too haha with food and candy. it was way funny but i will miss them alot. but i got to run mom and dad. i love you guys and i will try not to get too lost in this place haha.

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