Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Here's a little piece of Dylan's email this week. Sorry, the rest is for Rick and I and a few others. Hope you enjoy what there is.

o send some of that cold down this way haha
it hit a little over 120 here the past few days booo haha. we did have a really good rain though. we were stuck in our house for four hours! i have never seen so much water fall from the sky in my life. and dont you worry, us four did manage to change into some shorts and go play in it glad you liked the story of the kids. it is way cool to see them helping so much. that's funny the missionaries play soccer with the kids there. we just have to stay out of it most the times here cuz about every five year old is better than we are here, haha. but once in a while we will give it a go. so homecoming was pretty ugly huh? that's not good. but, what can ya do, some years are just like that. o and you be sure, when dad gets his deer, you send some of that jerkey this way ahaha. what area does dad have? i miss hunting a lot! but it will be there when i get back. conference was awesome! i get so much more out of it here on the mission. i did get to watch it in english too. they put a little tv in a room for us in english so that was nice.

The rest of the email was way good. Sorry you had to miss it. haha

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