Wednesday, September 22, 2010

hey mom and dad
your right, i am missing out haha. but its alright, it will be there when i get back. so you got a good little friend on face book huh:) just to let you know she may or may not be writing me;) haha she is way cool though. you would like her, so be nice mom haha. but anywho, back to the mission, haha sounds like you had a good time in the race. i am gonna be so far beind you guys when i get back. but its way cool you guys are liking it. so the football team is struggling a little huh. dont worry they will come around. the area here is getting better. we are finding the people now and teaching a ton of people. we found so many people that only need to be baptized. they are more active than some of our members haha. we are gonna help them out though. one has some pretty hard questions though haha. he makes me study hard. like i will give you an example, when a person dies of a murder does it mean that wasn't part of god's pan for that person? or when a baby gets aborted was that his purpose in this life? man i have been studying my hind end off haha. i had to find for him in the bible where it talks about the war in heaven and how satan was cast out with the one third of the spirits. all his questions are about the plan of salvation he wants to know where he is goin and how he got here and why? it is a big testimony strengthener for me. i have to really study about this stuff and know it. it is good for us both me and him. but i got to run i am visiting my brazilian mom today. love you guys and talk to you next week.

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