Wednesday, September 8, 2010

hey mom and dad
sounds like things are still the same in good old panaca. thats cool that coach mark is back. does taylor call him the devil too? haha. i was missin labor day but its alright. that's good that aunt danniel has a good atitude. just keep her happy and positive and things will turn out good what ever happens. can you beleive i am hitting nine months tomorrow, crazy right? i will most likely hit one year in this area. me and my companion are getting along good. he went to cimmaron high school. he is pretty cool and way funny. he has a guitar so i get to play guitar every night. i am getting a little better, i can sing while i play now. i might save up my money and buy me one. you can get a cheap acoustic for like fifty bucks here which is like twenty five bucks there. so i might do that. i am liking living in a house with other elders too. we have alot of fun haha. things in the area are a little rough, but they are starting to get going. we are finding people now and learning the area a little better. our ward is way cool. the bishop is a young guy and very good. they have activities every week and that helps us out alot. we show up there, eat, and get to know everyone's non member friends. i am gonna get fat in this area. everyone likes to feed the missionaries haha. so that means i have to be better with my excercises haha. things are still hot here haha. wow something different huh haha. we had rain the other night but that just makes it even more humid during the day. it hangs around 85 percent, but when it rains it gets up into the ninteys and just cooks you haha. i was talking to my companion and we were like we are just gonna shrivel up when we get back home haha. i am doing good here though. i caught a little cold and am getting over it now but other than that i am great. but i got to run mom and dad. i love you guys and will talk to you next week. tell everyone hi for me.

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