Wednesday, September 15, 2010

hey mom and dad.
sounds like panaca is good old panaca. that is always a good thing though. what area did dad draw this year, i forgot. one thing i miss is the hunting. haha there are so many animals around here and i can't kill any of them haha it doesn't help that our next door neighbor here has a rabbit farm, haha. but it sounds like everyone is doin good there. it's nice to hear about everyone. you should send more pictures of the family on the internet. i can borrow my companion's pen drive and print them off. every one wants to see more pictures of the family. things are going good in the new area we are starting to figure out the area and are finding people to teach. we have some days that are tough but its alright, it give me a better tan, more holes in my shoes, and a work out haha. yes my shoes have holes in them but they only have to make it to the start of the year and i will throw them out and start on my second pair, ha ha. my socks are just fine though and all the rest of my stuff is good. i could use a normal short sleeved white shirt. this material of my other shirts is way dingy white and when ever their is a baptism all the members tell me i need to clean my shirts, haha. so a normal shirt would be nice. other than that i am all good. we met a really cool family this week. they are so funny haha. we were talkin with all of them and the grandma is way funny and i was like, i like you. and she was like well then take me back to the states with you. i dont got a problem marrying a younger man, haha. it was so funny. they are way cool though. we will teach them again tomorrow. our bishop is way cool too. he is really funny. i am likin the new area. o this week we definitly made salsa, real salsa too. it was so good. we attempted to make tortillas but that didnt turn out so great ahaha. you would think they would have that kind of stuff here but no, not even tortilla chips, haha. but we did find this little mexican resuarant that we are gonna go check out and see if we can get some. i called my brazilian mom the other day when we were eating chicken and salsa and drinkin our pina colodas and she called me a little mexican boy haha. have you got a call from her yet? she said she might call you one day and really test out her english, haha. i think we are gonna go visit them next week. but things are goin great. i am over my cold now. i have no clue how you catch a cold in manaus, by the way, but it happens haha. but i got to run mom and dad. i sent a few pictures this week. i might send more next week. love you guys talk to you next week.

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