Wednesday, August 25, 2010

you guys survived it haha
wow it sounds like you guys were living like kings there! things are a little different in the amazon haha. it sounds like joâo is way rich!!! thats way awesome though. i bet it was great to just get away from everything and relax. i told the members where you guys were and they said those are two of the most beautiful places in brazil. i'm glad you guys had a great time. things are good here in manaus. it is almost september and they say september is the hottest month of the year here, so we will see how that goes haha. transfers are this week and one of us will leave but we dont know who, haha. we find out saturday. transfers are always interesting so we will see what goes on. i am kind of wanting to be tranfred but we are finding some really good people right now so, if not, it will be good too. we played soccer again today, haha. i made a goal so that was an improvement than last time haha. we have a baptizm and marriage on the 11 of september. we are way excited about it but one of us wont see it, haha. the members keep saying how your not gonna want me back cuz im getting darker, haha. its way funny. there are some awesome members here. and about the things for them. if you cant find the detergent ball its alright. the shoes are just converses just normal, sorry chucks is a nick name for them, haha. and i will see my companion every six weeks so you can send the shorts. if i get transfered too i can send the shoes with the elders that will be here but if its too much of a hasstle dont worry about it. they aren't a nessesity haha. but anywho i'm good here, just working hard and learning alot!!! i am almost through the book of mormon in portugues for the first time now. it is helping me speak alot better too. but i am loving the mission. i wouldnt trade this opportunity for anything. the things i am learning will stay with me forever. i got to run mom and dad. i love you guys and am glad you made it back safe and had a great time. i will talk to you next week love you guys

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