Wednesday, June 2, 2010

hey mom and dad
sounds like you guys have been way busy. that is cool that saint clairs sister made it there and had a good time. did you tell her i was in manaus? and what did she say? sometimes i dont even believe i am here haha. alot is going on there this time of year. i cant beleive it has been two years since i graduated. i heard from colton and randi that they all had a good time there. colton is crazy haha i love that kid. so i am way excited for your bike ride you have to be sure to tell me how it was. and dont wory mom you are gonna do fine. so i am real close to being officially old haha twenty on friday i cant beleive it. we are gonna buy two large pizzas friday night and just pig out haha. i went to the center today and bought my self a birthday present a new tie haha you would be proud though it is black and dark pink it is way cool though. this week was good though. our three baptisms went really good and they are so exited about being a member of the church. when you guys come here i am bringing you two to hear this little girl sing. she makes all of her own songs and they are really good. we have been working our butts off this week. we have found some really cool families. we are teaching this family with eight kids! it is a weird situation, the parents are separated but live in the same house just one gets the top floor and the other gets the first floor cuz they live in this old like appartment place. so your son is now a marrige counselor haha. but this family is so cool the only problem is the separated parents. we found another family too this week they are very humble. just to give you an idea the husband and wife work from 6 in the morning to 8 at night in a store and make about 6 dollars a day each. they are way cool though they want something more in their lives so they asked for sundays off so they can start going to church. i am way excited about them and know this is what they need. we have been teaching a lot of people and are helping a young man that is addicted to cocaine so we are really busy. this week is the last week of the transfer so who knows i could be in a different place next week but i think both of us will stay here for one more transfer. this area is tough to live in but i want to stay here at least one more transfer. the city is having problems so or house only has water early in the morning and late at night so we have been struggling with that but it is all working out. we have lots of drnking water so thats all we need. but i got to run i will talk to you guys next week and will be praying for ya on you bike ride mom. you will do great love you guys

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