Wednesday, May 26, 2010

hey mom and dad
six months how crazy is that!!! i almost cant believe i have been out for that long! i get to burn one of my ties the nineth. so it sounds like a lot is going on there in good old panaca. that is way cool the things they are doing in grandpas name. it just goes to show how important of man he was. i think that is a good person for the scholarship i love that kid. i dont know what taylor and logan are gonna do with out him next year haha. its crazy to see these kids growing up! I AM OLD!!! haha taylor will be a senior so crazy!!! i lose track of the time of year here i think its because here only has two seasons hot and hotter. they say september is cruel here. that is the time of year that i will be the closest spot on earth to the sun so crazy!!! that is cool to hear about all the other missionaries haha do you know what all the missionaries here call the missions in the US? Paradice haha cars, food that is healthy, air conditioning, ect... haha. o it hit a new record in our house 100 haha sooooo hot!!!! but in this hot i have mannaged to catch a cold so i have been fighting with that this week but this week has been good. we have three baptisms saturday a single mom Neusa and her two daughters sabrinia and loraina. it is the family i was telling you about with the girl that can play the guitar and sing too. they are way cool. they love us! neusa said to us the other day that she is going to talk to sombody at church so that she can feed us lunch one day haha she is way cool and her testimony is growing so fast. they all love to learn about the gospel. i will let you know next week how the baptism went. i am making cake for it haha. we are working really hard though here i get home at night and just crash! by the time p day comes around we are dragging our nuckles on the ground haha. but anyway i got to run. send my love to everyone o and i got my package and aunt valindas letters thank you guys so much!! love you all

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