Thursday, June 24, 2010

hey mom and dad
so it sounds like things are crazy around there trying to get ready to go to brazil. that is so crazy you guys will pass right over top of me! so just wave when they say you are over the amazon haha thats way cool. just make sure john is at the air port waiting because there is no english there haha i was lucky cuz i had about ten other missionarys to be lost with me haha. that is way cool though. what part of são paulo will you guys be in my companion wants to know, he is from there. thats way cool to hear that fernanda liked girls camp. remember what the scriptures say "By the small and simple things are the great things brought to pass" i have a testimony of this. i have seen how god works miracles through these kinds of things. so that is way awesome!!! i want to meet her. its gonna be cool to be able to talk in portugues to all my brazilian buddies when i get home haha. i got a letter from neil smith this week. it sounds like he is doing way good too. it still blows my mind to thing about all of us spread out through the world. things are good here. it is way hot as usual haha me and my companion talk about how we are gonna freeze to death when we get home haha. things are going good though. we taught the dad of the family with ten kids and he loved the lesson! and thier uncle went to church with us this week and after he told us that that was the best chuch he has ever attended. so we are way excited about him too. things get pretty wild here during the soccer games of brazil. pretty much you just stay in the houses of the members the rest of the day haha all of us americans in our district had a little party because the usa won today and qualified for the playoff things haha in was funny one elder bought fire works and when we scored we ran in to the street and lit them off. haha all the people were laughing at us haha. but that is about all that is going on here haha. so i got some questions: who won the supercross series?! haha me and elder lloyd have been dying hear. and can you guys send me a motorcycle magazine like motorcross action or something haha we are out of the loop. but i got to run. love you guys send my love to everyone there.

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