Wednesday, June 9, 2010

patabéms mãe!!!!!
i knew you could do it! that is so awesome you made it the whole way and in 7 hours that is awesome!!! mom i think you are in better shape than i am. i told the people i am teaching that you were racing your bike. they couldnt hardly believe it. no one here would do that they said haha. that is way cool though mom. so my birthday was good. it was funny i felt old on my birthday. haha i think i slept wrong and my back was sore the whole day haha i thought to myself yep i am officially an old fart now haha. it was good though we worked all day and ate our pizza at night. o i did get all of your guyses letters the week before so that was cool, all the birthday cards. this week was a good one though that family that we are working with went to church sunday and loved it. they have pretty much adopted us haha so now they have ten kids instead of eight haha. we are working with them a lot thought. i think they are gonna decide to be baptized. sunday during testimony meeting the lady Neusa that we baptized last week got up and bore her testimony. it was so awesome!!! we visit them a lot still, their one little girl writes new music and then sings it to us. haha she is really good. i will sent a video of her next week. we have been working hard this week. o and i didnt get transfered and my companion didnt either. i think this will be my last here though but who knows haha. but things are great, hot!!!! but great. i am healthy and workin hard. i got to run though mom and dad love you guys.

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