Thursday, June 17, 2010

o mother
you worry too much about these girl haha. but thank you for sending the letter on to me. i think it is from the mtc haha but any who... thats crazy that riley is moving to ely. i think it will be good for her too. its crazy that some of the kids my age are getting married SCARY!!! haha i will have to stay away from utah when i get back, RMs go like hot cakes there haha. speakin about that are kyla or brianna gettin maried yet? haha i am pretty sure i know the answer to that but there is hope mom. haha just sick the missionaries on um haha. another week has gone by how crazy! this week was wild here. the world cup started and brazialians are crazy about soccer including my companion haha. brasil played yesterday. the whole city shut down for the game! they won and so it was a giant party the rest of the night but the thing is, it ended at four in the after noon haha. it was a crazy day. it was really hard to teach anyone! i cant imagine what it will be like if brasil wins the world cup. i think we will have to stay in our house if they do haha. the teachings are going good. we are teaching a family of 10 kids! they are way cool they asked us if they could be baptized yes! haha it is pretty wild teaching then though tryin to rangle all the little ones together and teach the older ones at the same time haha. and i have no clue why but the two little boys think i am a jungle gym so its real interesting when i teach and have one hanging from my arm and the other jumping from the back of the couch and clinging to my head haha. but we are getting it done and they are liking us and our lessons so that is all that matters haha. i am doing good though. i havent lost weight and i am not sick at the moment so things are good. we have our rough days here but who doesnt right. but i am glad to hear everything is going good there. i love you guys. i got to run, talk to ya next week.

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