Wednesday, June 30, 2010

hey mom and dad
another week gone by almost another month too holy cow! that is so crazy doug is home!!! has he changed at all? i dont know how the missions in the states are but here if you have any weight to lose you will lose it haha. Cory gets home here real soon too huh. so crazy! two years fly by. thats good to hear that zach is doin good. i knew he would. he has a strong testimony. thats way cool that his sister got baptized. i think his mom is starting to see that this is important too. its crazy to see how much missions affect the people at home. there is a missionary here that left for the mission with just him a member and his parents didnt want him to go and were mad that he did, and now one year and six months later, they are both baptized and strong in the church. i hope my mission will help kyla , kc, and brianna. thank you guys for sending the motorcycle magazine. haha me and elder lloyd are goin crazy haha. that is good that riley and adam found a place to live. when i get back baby J wil be big and talking. haha things are pretty wild around here these days. brasil won the other day and it was wild all day long and it was even on a monday, so crazy. the next game is friday and if they win it will be way crazy here. a normal weekend is bad enough but now with a game it will be out of control. we try to work but we usually just go to visit members cuz we are tired of trying to give lessons yelling cuz the music is so loud and tired of fightin off all the drunks. haha i have no clue why they all think they need to talk to us. haha they really do need to talk with us but not while they are drunk haha. i had a way cool experience yesterday. we eat luch with the members and after we leave a little thought and sister ruth chose me to give it and i always give it on what i had studdied that morning and i had studdied about the strippling worriors. so i got it all ready and sister ruth was like wait let me go get my son. he is inactive and is in a rough state of his life. he is 25 and has a nine year old son. he was sitting in the other room so she went to get him but he wouldnt leave the tv and told her he didnt want to come. so she came back and sat down. i gave the part of the story about how the words of their mothers about the word of god were the most important things they used in their war and the best thing that prepared them. and i related it to us and our war against satan and how will need to listen to what our mothers say because those are the things that we will need and protect us in this war. i gave it because there was two little boys there but, i had no idea that it wasn't for them. we looked back and sister ruth's son was sat down in the room on a chair in the back crying. the Lord works in his ways, mom and dad. i know that it wasn't a coincedence that i had studied that that day, but really, it was God working through his istruments here to touch the heart of that man. now i dont know if he will be at church this week, but i do know that the spirit of the Lord touched that young man's heart and maybe later in his life he will remeber those times the Lord touched his heart. i am so glad i have this oportunity to be a missionary mom and dad. i wouldnt trade it for the world. thanks for helping me get here. there is no way i could have done it without you two. i got to go but i will talk to you next week. love you guys

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