Wednesday, March 31, 2010

hey mom, another week gone by how crazy is that! me and my companion are getting along really good i actually have stuff to talk about with him like sports and stuff haha he was so excited to hear who won the Superbowl he heard it was the jets haha. so i have been filling him in on all what happened before i left. the teachings are going well i talk alot more in the lessons now he teaches half and i teach half so it is really good for me and is helping my Portuguese so much. we didn't have the baptism of suzianni the had to fly out to another city because her sister was having surgery and is in the hospital so she went to help take care of the kids for a little bit but i think she gets back this week. we marked a date with paulo victor he will be baptized on the 10 of april so that is was cool. and we are teaching this girl cleane and she wants to get baptized too so we are just trying to get her ready and get her to church and she will be ready. we are teaching this one family that is really cool they are a very tight family it is way cool they read the book of mormon every night together and are really moving along well.we are inviting them to baptism tonight so i am excited to see what they think about that. we are teaching lots of people though we have slow days where all of our appointments fall through but that's missionary life for ya haha. it is hot here and gets a little hotter everyday haha send some of that wind down here a breeze is the only break from the heat that and rain. i haven't got lost yet haha close i was at paulo victors house and they were like let us give you a ride home and they live in this different zone thing they have here called barrios so they live in bela flores which means beautiful flowers and we live in parque da nacoins wich means park of the nations. and i is a huge area so they drove us off clear across town further that we were and i had only been to that side of the town once so we made it home but it was a little bit of work haha. well mom i got to run but i love you all alot and miss ya but i am where the lord wants me talk to you later love ya

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