Wednesday, March 17, 2010

haha mom i loved the email i laughed through the whole thing. and dont worry you will get the hang of the whole portugues thing. if i can do it you can. i am doing alot better in the portuguese i can almst understand everythimg people say here except when they use slang then i am just lost or when they speak the indian laguage then neither me or my companion can understant and that only happens when one of the nitives are drunk and run into us on the street and want to talk to us because we are white haha. speaking of being white we saw another white person here and talked to her she was from germany and spoke english and her friend that she was staying with here spoke english too they are coming to church this week. but this week was really good we had some rough days but we made it through them. remember suzianni that i was telling you about we are baptizing her and her little boy on the twenty seventh of this month. it was way cool we taught her a lesson last night and then invited her to be baptized and she was way excited she was wanting to ask when she could but was too shy haha so that is way awesome. them we are teaching this family and we have really good lessons with them. they always read the parts of the book of mormon we ask them too and study it they mark all the parts they dont understand and the parts they really like and then when we come we aswer the questions and it always leads into a good lesson i am way excited for them. it is so awesome how the lord works. we went over to a members house and we were talking with there non member friend that was over and she asked us for help. she separated from her husband but she really loves him and wants to return and be with him so she has been praying to know what to do and looking for an answer from god but she cant find it. so i got out my book of mormon and i turned to 3 nephi 13: 32-33 i think i didnt know why but the spirit wanted me to read it so we did and it was about seeking the kingdom of god first and how god knows all ours needs. it really hit her and we saw a light click with her and she said that is what she needs to do and the lord will work in his own time so she is coming to church this week its amazing how the lord works. well mom i got to run i love you so. dad told me a quote that his dad told him and can you tell him that he turned out to be a big fish in a big pond in my eyes i have been thinking about that for the whole wee and feel like he needs to hear it for some reason. love you mom thanks for everything!

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