Wednesday, April 7, 2010

o man i would kill to be in snow haha thanks for the pictures i like them taylor has short hair! crazy i thought he was gonna grow it out till he looked like thing off adams family haha. we got to watch general conference and it was awesome! there were so many great talks! it got me so excited for elder Holland coming here it is in two weeks. for general conference we had to go to the stake center in the middle of the city so we stayed there for two days straight haha it was a nice little break from the walking and the rain. it has been raining like crazy here and all over brazil. this week it rained for two days straight so crazy. one of the days all of our appointments fell through so we walked the streets finding people all day so we looked like we had jumped in a swimming pool when we would get to peoples houses it was a pretty long day. it is acuallyraining right now as we speak haha and will the rest of the day. we have three baptisms saturday so i am way excited for that and we marked the marriage and baptism of this couple for may 6 and 7 so that is way cool too. we are teaching tons of people o and we marked this girl cleane for the 17 of this month too. the work is amazing here it is awesome to see how our heavenly father prepairs people for us to bring this amazing message too. we have been running all over our area this week teaching its awesome. i have a talk you should listen to about the atonement it is amazing but you have to listen to it not just read it. it is called Personal Search for The Atonement by dr cleason i dont know if thats how you spell it but it is amazing i learned so much from it. we have an ipod here that my companions brother used on his mission with all the church music on it and amazing talks we listen to one or two talks every p day. the weather here is a little nicer that its raining it is around eighty five right now so it is a good break from the heat. can you beleive it is already half way with this transfer it seems like it just started and that it is only a month till i call you for mothers day. so crazy! is dad gonna be there for mothers day i hope so. but i am doing good still am healthy i lost a pound or two but i just got to pound the food this week haha i got your package this week and between my companion and i it is already gone haha all but the gum cuz we can only chew it on p days when we are at home. i got all aunt bonnies cards too tell her thanks so much i really like them and the brazilians like them too. o i met a kid that is on his mission here that has been to panaca yes here in the amazon jungle haha so it is comfirmed panaca is the center of the universe haha. he even went to our ward one time haha so portuguese gets better and better every day i am talking so much more this transfer it is getting easier and easier for me every day so i am way happy about that. but anyways i got to run. and dad thanks for the updates my companion loves it too haha. o and he has afootball here now so excited for that! love you both talk to you two next week

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