Wednesday, March 10, 2010

hey mom another week gone by how crazy is that? i only have two more weeks left in my first transfer thats pretty crazy to me. i am glad to hear things are going good there at home i wish i could feel some of that cold right now it is a nice and humid 95 degrees in our house haha it cools off to about 87 in our house at nights haha. this week was pretty good though. we did a service project and i thought we had it rough at our house. this was part of the city built over one of the small rivers here and it was so crazy. you remember the part on slum dog millionair when the little boy is in the bathroom thing and had to jump through the whole in the floor in to the poo. well that little hut was these peoples houses in this place. they were all built on stilts and they had walk ways built out of 2+4 wood it was crazy we had to tear down a house and we did it with three little hammers and two crow bars and we did it in three hours so that tells ya how small it was and how it was built. the bathroom was a toiltet sit over a hole in the floor. pretty crazy i wish i had my camera. but the rest of the week went well we had some really good lessons with our investigators. no baptisms marked this week but the investigators we have are doing really well. the portugues is coming along i am understanding a lot more. and i am starting to speak alot more in the lessons. i got sick this week in was just a cold and i am almost over it so that is good. i am getting plenty to eat here haha some days i feel like i am going to pop haha. i was going to try to send pictures this week but it didnt work out so mabe next time haha. well mom i miss ya tons but i am doing good here and loving every minute of it and am in some really good hands so you dont need to worry. love ya mom thanks for everything

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