Wednesday, March 24, 2010

hey mom. Another week gone by how crazy is that! this week was kind of a crazy one for me. i didnt get transfered but elder gallacher did. he went to Rio Branco it is a city right above bolivia so he is a ways a way. i got a new companion Elder Vorwaller he is from Colorado 6ft 4in tall and played tight end for a junior college in arizona. he is way cool it looks funny with me and him walking down the street haha. but i have to teach him the area so i was real nervous about that but i will do fine. monday was a wild day. it was the last day elder gallacher was here so we run around our area the whole day visiting everyone and then teaching our investigators too then at ten at night they came and got us and took us to the mission home and there were tons of missionaries there that were getting transfered. missionaries organize all the travel plan and financial stuff there in the mission home. it is pretty crazy and cool how they can organize all the missionarys and they are only 20. i have a chance that i could be in there. all the missionaries do. it is just another area that you could get transfered to called staff. so anyways we got elder gallacher off to the airport at two in the morning then i just had to stay there at the mission home with everyone else i felt like a lost puppy haha. i was really nervous about getting a new companion and how i was gonna remember everywhere so i was worrying the whole night haha. the next day we had a meeting where you got your new companion so i got my new companion and got back to our area and i calmed down and relized i could do it so i am feeling alot better about things now. but anyways the rest of last week was good. we found this one really good family that is really nice and loves to hear about the gospel. they have a goat farm and the husband loves his goats he talks about them so much haha he even had to go show us around the little pasture thing it was cool. they also grow there own fruit there and had made this fruit sallad thing it was amazing! you cant even compare the fruit we have there to here. but anyways we will have suzianni´s baptism and her sons too this saturday so we are way excited about that and she is way excited too. guess who is coming to manaus to have a fire side with the missionaries on the twenty third of april..... Elder Jeffery R. Holland!!! how awesome is that?! i am so excited to hear from him! i thing he is following me haha fist Panaca Nevada now Manaus Brazil i mean there is no other explination for it haha. but ya everyone is way excited about that here. i am doing good here still i am loving it. my portugues gets a little better everyday i have some days where i think my brain is just tired and i struggle a lot haha but how else am i gonna learn if i dont struggle a little. but i am doing good health wise too i weighed my self the other day and i weigh 130 still so thats good that i havent lost any weight i feel really good too i feel like i am in good shape i work out every morning for half an hour then i walk all day and manaus isnt flat so i feel really good. i get a little darker everyday when i got here i was so white haha i was talking with the members we live behind and they comented about how i have goten a lot darker and they said when i got here i look close to a vampire haha. well mom i will let ya go but i love you guys tell everyone hi for me. o and tell kyla i got her lettler and it even still had the dollar bills in it haha. i havent got any more yet though just hers but am not worring to much about it i am too busy to worry haha love ya talk to ya next week

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