Wednesday, March 3, 2010

hey mamma sounds like everything is going great there! that stinks that they lost state but o well. so when i read that about the food you have no idea how much my mouth was watering haha. the food is pretty good here but nothing rivals that haha. tell grandma happy birthday and that i didnt forget her i was telling my companion about how she is only seventeen haha. and that is cool that riley is gettin the hang of primary tell her hi for me and that i really look up to her and how she is very strong in the church it is so awesome to me and i am so happy for her! to answer some of your questions yes the address is the mission home for almost all my areas so that is easy i havent got any cards yet and its really hard to tell how long it will take to get here some get here in three weeks others three months haha. but things are awesome here except i learned something interesting this week haha it is winter here too!!! we have the same seasons as there! i am going to die in the summer haha. it has been pretty warm this week but has rained a lot i like the rain cuz it cools ya off a little haha. i am feeling good and have been fighting off the mosquitos i always have to have bug spray on cuz they are everywhere haha. this week has been cool we have a new invesogator named suzianni she is way awesome she is coming along so fast she loves to here from us and is coming to church this week she is a single mom with three little filhos. two boys and one little baby girl i like teaching her a lot. i am getting a little less shy every day so i am talking more and more everyday. i am understanding pretty well i still miss some of the things people say but most i understand i am working on my pronunciation cuz i have a really hard tim e with it but i am learning. no big spiders this week so that was good haha i am going to try to send pictures next week i think so i hope it works i have some good ones straight from the jungle. we did a service progect this week it was cool we were working in the jungle i liked it alot. but anyways i got to go we are going to learn how to make this cake at a members house it is so good! love ya mom tell everyone hi

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