Wednesday, February 24, 2010

hey momThat is so cool that john showed up at grandmas house. and i think its Joãn haha or something close to that. lots of people here are named after people in the bible. and it translates into john. but that is way cool he stopped by. now you see how it is for me here haha but the people from down there are the easy ones to understand haha and i can understand almost every thing they say now so that is good but the people from manaus on the other hand not so easy haha i have a real hard time understanding them because they are decendents from the indains here so its a different dialect. but i am leaning the other elders say i am doing pretty good so thats is refreshing to here haha. i can always tell the people not from here though haha and there arent to many in my area haha some of the members know i cant understant them very well so they taesr me a little haha it is fun. this one guy always razzes me haha he is way funny we get along really good. we had the baptism of Jhoyce this week it was great! she was glowing she was so excited. we are teaching this little boy named Paulo Victor and we will mark him for baptism this week. he i so excited about the church. he comes with his grandpa every week this week him and his little brothers came and sat with me during sacrament haha talk about a hand full haha i think they had every one of my hand out booklets out and all the stuff in my pocket on my shirt and my name tag haha thay like that. i am doing good though my stomache is back to normal now that first week i was struggling a bit haha but i am pretty much used to the food now. who ever said the food was bland here hadnt been to manaus haha it is way good! i like rice and beans haha me elder hansen haha bet you never would have thought that. the freit here is amazing we have a bannana tree right out our door like the branches grow and almost touch our door. ans yes they are a hundred times better than the ones there haha. something for dad all the trucks here are deisl! there are chevy s10 deisle trucks here and toyota taccomas and rangers all deisles with twin turbos its cool. all the motorcycles here are weak though haha but they are everwhere. mom you dont got to worry about me here it is just the amazon haha. last night i had to fight off a giant spider with our broom haha we were sitting in our house at nine thirty last night and in comes this spider bigger than my shoe haha it was nasty it wasnt like a trianchala it was like a giant black widdow haha i got a picture dont worry. but we are pretty safe here the people are way nice to us they always want to hear us speak english haha well mom and dad i got to go i will talk to next week love you!

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