Wednesday, December 22, 2010

wow crazy water in the desert!
so is it just a muddy sloppy mess there now? that's pretty crazy that the damn is ready to break. if it does there will be a real big mess. there are cities flooding here too. São paulo has been flooding this whole week. but it is way calm here. it has been raining here but just light rains and then sun shine. so everybody is headed for good old panaca. it will be way good to talk to evryone again. i think i will be calling around one in the afternoon. i got my phone card this week so i will call you then you guys can call me back. it might be a little earlier than one so just be sure to answer your phone mom hahaha. we are gonna call from the church again. i think before we call we are gonna go eat at bishops house and get the key from him. we are having a lot of activities here. last week we went and spent the day at an orphanage with the ward. we went and told a story about Christ then fed the kids all kinds of treates from the nicest bakery in town. after that we just played with the kids for about two hours. they were so fun! can you imagine two missionaries running around the orffanage with fourty kids after them haha. it was way fun. i didnt want to leave there when it was time to go. the little kids were begging us not to leave and having us write our names on their hands so they wouldn't forget us. it was a way good experience. we just got back from our flight to Acré yesterday. it was way cool. we flew out and had our conference and a talent show and joked around with all the missionaries then went and ate at a really nice resturaunt. then tuesday we just wandered the center of the city looking at all the tourist sites there until two oclock. it was way cool, and the flights were cool too. now, it is just waiting to get to talk to you guys. i am getting pretty ancy to talk to you guys. i just got to figure out everything to do to call you guys haha, i have to call about a hundred different numbers to get out to the US. but i will get it done. there are five other americans in this city that will be calling home too, so one of us should figure it out haha. then i have no clue what i am gonna do the rest of the day, but it will be good. but things are going goods here i'm almost over my cold. thats funny the food is getting maud haha. i know excactly how he is feeling. just stay close to a bathroom maud, preferrably with running water so you dont have to have to go ask for the bucket of water first haha. its good for kids hahaha. but i got to run mom and dad i love you guys and am way excited to talk to you here in three days. tell aunt bonnie and aunt dannielle they are in my prayers

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