Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 15, 2010

Sorry I didn't post this last week. My internet was having issues.

hey mom and dad
only a week till i get to talk to you guys!!!! i am pretty excited to get to talk to you guys, it has been way too long. but anywho, the shirt burning was really good. haha. and don't you worry mom i picked the one that had a huge black stain down the front of it that i couldn't use anyways. i didn't get any pictures of it, but we did video it. the only bad thing about the video is it won't let me send the video to you. but i will figure it out. you will be happy mom, i finally filled up my memory card on my camera. now i just got to buy a new one haha. they are pretty cheap here, i think, so maybe next week i will go get one in the center of the city. it will be nice to get out of the house for a p day. that is the only thing bad about here is there aren't very many missionaries so there aren't tons of activities on p day. me and my companion were going crazy today cuz we didnt have anything to do haha. he is a lot like me, he dosen't like to stay sat down for very lomg haha. we are getting along really good. he is way funny, so we just joke around and tell stories while we are walking in the streets. speaking of walking we did a lot of it this week haha. our area is huge, so we have to split up the days into which area we will work in. i'm afraid my shoes wont make it to long here haha. i am aready getting a hole in one side and and the mud isn't doing very well for them haha. but anyways, we get to fly to another state monday for a christmas conference. it will be way cool to get to see another new place and get another airplane ride haha. maybe they will bring packages that people got there. cuz here it is that we only get our packages when someone goes to manaus or some one comes here. so, it could be a while, but im hoping my package is there and they bring it to the christmas conference. so, it sounds like christmas is going good there. do you guys have snow yet? we had a nice cold front come through here. it has been about 80 degrees for the last few days. but, the only bad thing is, that right before the cold front came through i caught the flew haha. so the cold isn't helping. but i'm getting over it now, and i am glad cuz it isn't very fun doing missionary work when your sick haha. so dad subscribed to motorcross magazine huh? good thing cuz i have looked and my last magazine about 500 times haha. it's almost not even a magizine anymore haha. and your right that does make me happy to here that the ktms are the top bikes of the year. haha my companoin is getting to learn all about motorcycles haha. it is good cuz i'm learning all the names of the parts in portuguese haha. but things are goin really good. we have a wedding and baptism marked for the 7 of january. we are working really hard and the lord is blessing us with people to teach. the couple that will be baptized and get married are progressing so good. they haven't missed a church meeting for about three weeks now and thats including stake conference and two fireside. we are way happy with them and they are liking church alot. this ward is good about working with the recent converts too, so we are way excited. but i got to run mom and dad. i will tell you what time i will be calling next week but i think it will be about noon or one your time. i love you guys!

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