Wednesday, December 1, 2010

hey mom and dad
Well let's see how my thanksgiving dinner was... i think i had some beans...........some rice........and i think chicken. haha i definitly wasn't feeling the lack of potatoes and gravy with that ham and turkey or potato salad or those nice fluffy rolls or eating all day long and watching football or just getting fat and knowing it and not caring anything about it. so my next thanksgiving home you be sure and make me a nice big pot of beans with that mystery meat in there, with that nice white rice cooked just right, and you can't forget the chicken cooked the exact same way that i have eaten it for a year. then throw me in a sauna turned up to about 100 degrees and put a tredmill in there and have me walk for miles. but, you cant for get those lights that tan people. now that just sounds wonderful haha. no it wasn't that bad haha. i did get to eat and, in the same week, i did get to play football, and i got to be in a city a little cooler than manaus. so it was all good. i am liking it here in porto velho. it has the dirt and dust but that just makes me feel right at home haha. we are teaching some awesome families now. we worked really hard last week and found a bunch of them. we visited one family last night and invited them to be baptized and they got all excited and will be baptized as soon as we get all the marrige papers done and they get all signed. so here in about three to four weeks they are going to be married and will be baptized the same night. we are working with about three more families too. we are excited to see their progress. today was cool. we went to the center of the city right by the Wood River. it is huge too! i got a bunch of pitures down there and will send you guys some next week. it was a lot prettier there than in manaus, a lot cleaner and with more grass. im glad to hear the team that did beat boise state was reno. haha. i mean it almost wouldn't be right not to root for them ,going to school there a year, haha. i miss watching the football games haha. can you beleive it's almost christmas?! it is sneaking up on me real quick. i am way excited to get to talk to you guys! i will get all set up, the time and stuff, and let you guys know around what time i will be calling. its cool, the missionaries here in porto velho will get to go to another state for christmas. we are going to a state called Acré to get together with the missionaries there to have christmas. it will be nice, there in acré it's a little cooler and has a bunch of tereré (that drink i told you about that smells just like fresh cut alfalfa). o i got you and dad christmas presents from the hippies today. they are way cool i am gonna get them sent off next week to you guys, but you probably wont get it till febuary haha. but i got to run i love you guys. tell everyone hi and let aunt bonnie know she is in my prayers.

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