Wednesday, January 5, 2011

hey mom and dad
so sounds like your new years was about as exciting as mine haha. but maybe it was more exciting there, i know how grandma and enid get with their card games haha. how many new rules did grandma pull out on you guys? haha just kidding. sounds like everything is good there though, you and dad watching football and eating. i don't know how it could get better than that haha. that's cool, i will get to see brianna's wedding, but that is alot of time to wait. but they waited five years whats one more haha. i'm way glad for her though. but it sounds like you guys are staying busy there with all the callings and work. i got my hands full now too. this week was transfers and my companion got transfered, and now i am district leader and am chasing behind this marrige that we have this week. it is crazy, yesterday they told me that they wouldn't be able to rent a dress or suit cuz their money doesn't go into their account until saturday. so we were running around the ward all day yesterday finding a suit and dress for them haha. it was way crazy. it's crazy cuz i got all this resposibility thrown on my shoulders haha. i turned senior conpanion and district leader the same transfer, then try to get this marrige ready. so there is no putting it off till later cuz the wedding is friday. o i almost forgot, i had to go find some fake gold rings in the center too haha. they will be living life big with two dollar rings haha, but they look just like the ones they will buy after they get their money. no one will know the difference but them haha. but it has been pretty crazy for me this week. i like my new companion, elder hobbs. i have already lived in the same house as him when i was in dom pedro, so we know each other good and get along really good. we had a little break today. we went to this park and played soccer and yes, i'm getting alot better at my soccer skills haha. it was way fun, but my legs are gonna be sore for the rest of the week haha. but things are going good here. i am liking this place. it is a little cooler than manaus, and my ward is really good. we are working way hard though and are finaly seeing the results of it. that's what makes the mission. because you have so much difficulties and some really hard times, but when you get to see that you helped someone's life it makes you forget everything and just get a feeling that you can't get any where else. but i got to run mom and dad i have to go take our investigators to get fitted for the dress a member it making. love you guys

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