Wednesday, December 8, 2010

hey mom and dad
one year down can you beleive it? i am burning one of my shirts tomorrow and then we are gonna go eat at subway to get trunky haha. yes, thats right, subway!!!! it almost makes a kid forget he is thousands of miles away from home in the jungle speaking a different language haha. it will be alot of fun. so, sounds like everyone is getting ready for christmas there. we are here too, but its just not the same. we even put a plastic snowman window decoration in the window, but it was a sad thing, even the plastic snowmen melt here haha. i will try to send you a picture. it is the saddest, hottest looking snowman you ever seen haha. so we were talking to our bishop and we will be calling from his house on christmas day. i think i will be calling around noon your time, but i will fill you in on the details that wendsday before christmas. things are going good here in good old porto velho. we are working our little butts off here. we are trying to get two couples entered in for marrige this week. so, it is a work out for the missionaries, running all over the city trying to get all their papers right and working around all the mistakes in the paper work. it is a little bit of a head ache, but it is all worth it. you never would have thunk it, one of your kids even touching a marriage paper haha, jk mom. dont worry kyla or brianna are gonna wake up one day and realize they should probably get married haha. but it is good to be working hard and running around. it makes time go by so fast. the days just blend together and turn into one big day haha. but i am excited for christmas to get to talk to you guys. i am gonna have to practice my english with you. i haven't got to speak english for a while now, once in a while, but their english isn't real good haha. just put it this way, st claires english is like shakespeares compared to the members haha. its fun. so i am tryin to send some pics with this email too. they are of when i went to the river in center last week and of a famous train they have here. the place there is beautiful and the river is huge. you can go all the way to manaus by boat here. they said it takes four days haha. but i got to run i love you guys

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