Saturday, November 27, 2010

hey mom and dad
So guess what? i am just about two hours away from bolivia right now. haha i got transfered out of manaus to a city called Porto Velho. it was cool. it's my first time out of manaus. i had to get on a plane and it was about a two hour flight. this city is alot smaller than manaus. it is kind of a weird little city, almost all the roads are dirt roads except the main roads. its funny though cuz there is a mcdonalds in this city but its on a dirt road haha. my area is huge too! it goes clear from the edge of the jungle to almost the middle of the city. it will be cool living next to the jungle. i will be able to go walk through it on p days. today though we went and played football. one of the american missionaries found a place here where they sell footballs, so we all killed some homesickness today haha. i think i am gonna like it here. there are only about 14 missionaries in the whole city. the only thing is that here we get way dirty cuz if it's raining the roads are mud and if not it's dust so it distroys white shirts cuz its that red dirt. but its a lot calmer here and the people are way nice. i have a brazilian companion from são paulo, he is way cool and i have heard a lot of things good about him. so, i'm excited to work with a missionary that's still excited about the mission. the area is a little tough to find people but we are gonna do some work here. i was a little bummed about leaving before christmas cuz my brazilian mom was gonna have us over at her house. she was way sad too. her and her family took us to lunch the day before i left. mabe next time instead of sending me a package you can send one to them. i can tell ya the stuff they like from the u.s. and we can give them a late christmas. they gave me a christmas present before i left too. i am gonna miss them alot cuz i will probably be in this city for a long time. but anyways, sounds like it really was a crazy week last week. i hope aunt bonnie and enid are all right. enid is a way tough lady she has had to deal with a lot lately. she has got a lot of faith and the lord is helpin her through these trials. its crazy to see how much stuff goes on in just two years at home. it definetly gives a different perspective on thing being so far away from you guys. but its half way done now, crazy huh? i'm excited to get to call you guys at christmas! it's been way too long. we will get everything set up here in a few weeks, like time and what not. i got to run but, i love you guys. o and dad there are these little hippey shops here that sell all kinds of crazy stuff they get from the amazon. i'm gonna get you guys some sweet stuff haha. love you guys

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