Wednesday, November 3, 2010

hey mom and dad
sounds like you guys had a good time pickin pine nuts. that was always fun to do. so you guys had elections there too, huh. here it was for president and all. there is now a women president in brazil. it has been the big news here for the week. but its gonna be nice that they are over. they have these cars that drive down the streets with loud speakers blairing the election stuff, so annoying. haha. but its over so, its all good now. so things are pretty good in my area. it is more on the out skirts of manaus. the area could be really good but a missionary messed up here about a year ago so, the members dont trust us. it is gonna be a little tough but i think we will be able to gain their confidence back in us. that means visiting a lot of members and really watching to not catch ourselves in any situation that could even look wrong. because, the members are watching us like hawks haha. this area was closed for a long time but reopened two transfers ago. my companion is pretty cool. he is almost done with his mission though so its teaching me some patience. haha. sometimes its hard keepin him focused. but we are workin and finding some good people to teach. no, i havent seen the alligator again, yet haha. we have this cool member though that has a house in the amazon jungle with cows and stuff, and he brought us missionaries the skin of a boa constricter that he killed there. it is huge!!! its like seven feet long and is so wide! i will send you guys pictures of it one of these days. he killed it cuz it killed one of his calfs and was takin it away haha. we are gonna make scripture covers out of it. he said the next thing he is bringing us is an alligator head haha i'm pretty excited about that. we had a barbeque today. it was pretty good. we had tons of missionaries at our house cuz they brought all the zone and district leaders in from the little cities in the mission to have meetings. so, they stay at houses in the mission. we have four stayin with us till tommorrow. it is pretty fun with them in the house. but, the house is so dirty haha. imagine eight boys living in a haha. its great. there are only two and a half more weeks in the transfer. its crazy how fast it is going by! i am pretty sure i will stay here but i dont know if my companion will be. i kind of want to get a companion a little younger on the mission that is still excited cuz this area needs it. but it will be good if i stay with my companion one more transfer too. o i took some money out, just to let you know. i had to pay the water bill this month but the mission returns the money, its called something in english, but i can only think of it in portugues. haha. it's where they pay you back. but any ways... i am not sure i need anything for christmas. you can just send what ever you want. o i know, some deoterant. haha. they only have roll on stuff here and it doesnt do the trick in 100 percent humitity haha. i'm sending you some pictures of my shoes and one of the baptism we just had of natasha. the other one is of our barbaque last week. mabe in a few weeks i will get you some sweet jungle pics haha. but i got to run. i love you guys and cant wait to talk to you on christmas. its coming up real fast!

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