Wednesday, November 10, 2010

hey mom and dad
sorry this email is so late my companion decided we needed to go visit one of the members in an old area and decided to stay there all day!! but i'm here now, a little frustrated, but good haha. you know how i get when i am late for something or needing to do something haha. only another week haha. but anyways, sounds like things are good there besides the whole harry reid deal, thats a bummer. but what can ya do right. so dad got his calling, huh? thats way awesome. he is gonna do really good, and i bet he will like it. o, the time doesn't change here. it's pretty nice. it changes in a bunch of other places in brazil but not in amazonas. it was a burner here this week, i thought i was gonna die friday. it was about 110 and it had rained that morning so i was dripping sweat before i stepped out the front door haha. i thought i got a gnarly farmer tan there, you should see it now adays haha. but i noticed my back is starting to get tan through my shirt haha. so we found two more alligators now. they were all out sun bathing the other day, but once again i didnt have my camera. i think i'm just gonna carry it around one whole week and get them. but the area is getting a little better. we are finding some good people to teach. we are baptizing a family on the 28th of this month. we had another one for the 20 of this month but our members scared her off and told her she had to get maried. so she took off running. we were like NO!!! just has to live the law of chastity. so we have to go try to resolve this thing this week haha. its getting pretty close to christmas. its funny to see christmas stuff here cuz its like christmas in july haha. it is gonna be a wierd christmas, but it is the last one away from home. o, and i think i will call from a members house this time cuz a family here is insisting on us calling from there haha. so if you can try to send me a cheap phone card in a envelope to me. that one that i came with expired cuz i used it in the airport, and it said ninty days after you use it it expires. but other than that i think i am all set for christmas. i am way excited to talk to you guys. all the members are rubbing it in too, haha. they are like, o you guys get to talk to your families here soon haha. but i got to run i love you guys talk to you next week

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