Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NO JERKY!!! haha
its alright, i guess i will live with only pinenuts haha. i bet it was fun to hunt though. thats cool that our team beat meadows though, you guys know how much i just love those guys haha. when do playoffs start and are we gonna make them? i cant beleive its taylor's senior year though. it's crazy to think that cory is goin home too! it seems like it flew by. but, to think about it, it is flyin by for me too. i almost have a year now. crazy!!! well things are good here in good ole manaus. it is raining almost every morning and night here now. the only bad thing is that it makes it that much more humid during the day. but it makes it really nice to sleep at night. we went and played soccer in the rain today. it was alot of fun. we had a big barbaque too that was really good. we ate and drank soda till we had it comin out our ears haha. my package did get here today too. and it did have my card in it so you dont need to cancel it, i was wondering if you have already activated it? the only bad thing about getting my package today was that we had tons of missionarys at the house and they all love american candy haha. but i did manage to hide the beef jerky and some of the better stuff haha. this week was cool though, we baptised natasha. she was so excited! we went to pick her up to go to church the next day a half an hour early and she was waiting as patiently as she could at her porch haha. she was so excited to go to church and get comfirmed a member and receive the gift of the holy ghost. it was really good to see that. it gives missionaries alot better motive to work as hard as they can. it's almost an indescribable feeling that you get, way awesome. we do have some work to do in this area though. it has only been open for like five months now so there is alot to do. some times if seems overwelming but it is all worth it. you learn a lot about true love for people when your on the mission. to leave all you have behind to work in the hot and cold, wearing the bottoms out of shoes. haha but its all worth it. i got to run though mom and dad. i love you guys

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