Thursday, November 18, 2010

hey mom and dad
another week gone by how crazy! things are a little better this week haha. we haven't had transfers yet, but next week we will have them. but, we got an inside look at the transfers cuz we live with a missionary that worked in staff and it looks like they are gonna close this area cuz there are only two missionarys getting here and 14 leaving. so, the have to shut down 7 areas for a little bit till we get more missionarys here. it is a bummer too cuz we have two families marked to be baptized on the 28 of this month and we will be transfered on the 23. so we are both bummed about that, but the transfers arent finalized yet so things could change or some americans could get their visas before tuesday. there are a bunch waiting there and we are needing them. our mission is four states big and only has 170 missionarys now. i hope we get a bunch here soon cuz there are 20 going home in febuary. but anywho, haha, things are about the same in good old manaus. it was another burner this week. i went to see my brazilian mom today and she was like, wow you are getting a lot darker still, so i may come back looking a little like a mexican or like a little mexican haha. but it was way good seeing them today. you remember when i was telling you we were helping her kids? well i found out today that the oldest girl, jesica, is now the president of the young women and that pedro ,my brother from a brazlian mother, is starting his papers the start of the year. it is so amazing watching the the way the lord works miracles in the lives of people. and that's why we can never lose hope, cuz it just take a little tiny push for people to feel God's love in there life again and want to come back. i learned a really cool thing about hope here on the mission. hope isn't an uncertain thing like we use it in every day talk like, we hope something will happen. but hope is a certainty that something will happen. and that hope is something active and that we always need to be focusing on through our faith. i though it was way cool cuz i never thought of it that way. i am learning a lot here on the mission! i probably should have done some better studying before the mission haha. but i am loving it. but i got to run mom and dad i will talk to you next week and here in a few more weeks will talk to you for real! love you guys

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