Wednesday, October 13, 2010

dad i won't ever make fun of you if you have to shoot a forked horn the last day haha. but, if you do, get a big one. i want pictures....and jerky haha. so, sounds like things are going pretty good there. i was thinkin about grandma a lot last week. i'm glad you guys kept her busy. that's cool that the hospital is doing that. i wish brazilians could see things like that cuz they think americans are all just fat and unhealthy haha. are you guys doin it? it will be way good for the county. so, guess what? i got transfered again haha. remember my first area? well i'm out further than that now in a part of manaus called Campo Dourado. it is more on the out skirts of manaus. so i am back out into the jungle a little more. it was nice to be out of the middle of the city. i can actually walk in the streets again and not worry about getting hit haha. but there is one thing about this area. so, to give you a nice picture, we were walking to lunch yesterday and a car goes flyin by us. i look up and it's getting speed for this hill. it got about half way up and couldn't make it any farther and had to back down it haha .... and it was even paved!. i almost started crying haha. this place is full of huge hills and not just nice little rollers. it has the kind that dirty missionarys ties....cuz they are dragging on the ground as your climing it haha. you just about have to use your hands in front of you haha. i will take a picture of one for you guys. while your at the bottom it looks like it goes all the way to heaven and then by the time you get to the top you look off the otherside where you have to go down and realize it just took you too hell haha. no, i'm just kidding. it will be a good area haha. i will just have buns of steel by the time i'm out of here haha. i hear that the ward here is really good too. so, that is always nice. i have a brazilian companion again. his name is elder De Lima. he is pretty cool. i think we will get along good. we live it a house with two other missionarys too. the house is way cool though. it has places to hang your hamocks outside so you can just relax on p day haha. o and the rainy season is starting up here. i am so glad too haha. i have been cooking. so now i can be soaking wet and cooking haha. no, just kiddin, it cools down a little bit so its way nice and just in time cuz i dont have an ac in this house haha. i was a little sad to leave dom pedro cuz it was a lot of fun there and a really good area, but it will be good here too. at the end of this transfer i will hit the one year till i go home mark! how crazy. cuz it is when the transfers fall, pretty crazy right? my companion will go home in february, so he is a little trunky haha. o and about my shoes. i had to switch to my other pair of hush puppies cuz my other one decided to lose one of the heels haha. i will sent pictures next week. the only reason i was trying to make it one year with them is cuz my other pair has an almost wooden heal, so they are only gonna last about a month or so haha. so i'm saving them for the last transfer of my mission haha. i still haven't got my package, but i hope it will make it here this week. i have no clue why it is taking so long. but i got to run. i will talk to you guys later. love you guys. tell everyone hi for me.

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